Which remake of a 1950s movie has a famous tagline Be Afraid, be very afraid?

This movie has received an Oscar for Best Make Up. The make up and designs were incredible yet disgusting.

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The Fly?

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@The Stranger 😊

Yes you got it. 👍

There was a lot of disgusting scenes that was cut from the film because test audiences did not respond to it very well. The musical score by Howard Shore’s grand orchestra only made the movie more chilling especially during the climax scene where Brundlefly falls out of the Telepod after merging with the merging.

Even with such a modest budget of $9 million which is equivalent to $19.7 million in 2016; the movie gross a respectable $40.5 million this figure is only for the domestic cinemas and does not include the figures when it was released internationally. The said movie also won Academy Award for Best Make-up and Hairstyling. Jeff Goldblum really did give his best performance.

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