Weresquito: Nazi Hunter (2016)


I lied. I didn’t mean to, but I did all the same. In my last review here, I said that I would move on from my old “best of” list and start on my new one. After I finished that review, I decided to run through that list one more time to see if I could find anything else. I never searched for Weresquito: Nazi Hunter and I found it on Amazon Prime. I had to decide to review it here or at my other blog since I said I would move on here. I eventually decided that because this is the last weekend of February, I would just end the month on my old list and then move on...of course I said that before, but I mean it this time!

Corporal John Baker (Douglas Sidney) is captured during World War Two. He is taken to a lab where a doctor (James Norgard) was impressed that Baker survived being shot seventeen times. The doctor begins to perform experiments on Baker that will turn him into a hybrid of sorts that will fight for Nazi Germany, which turn out to be successful. Baker is rescued before being forced to fight his own and now years later, Baker is trying to find the man that turned him into a monster. With the information Baker has gathered so far, he enters the town of New Berlin and meets Leisl (Rachel Grubb). After talking for a bit, Leisl ex-boyfriend shows up drunk and tries to get her to come back to him. Baker stands up for her and they become friends. Baker finds he is on the right track, but will he find the doctor?

Weresquito: Nazi Hunter was written and directed by Christopher R. Mihm. This is the first film that I have watched by Mihm, but he has twelve films out so far. Mihm works out of Minnesota. He has been making a new film every year that honors the 1950’s science fiction and horror films that he grew up watching with his father. That is a pretty cool story to me. All twelve of his films are free to watch with Amazon Prime, so I will have to check out his other films someday. As for Weresquito itself, it is a fun film. It was shot in black and white, with blood being the only color, and the story shows its influences proudly on its sleeve. The plot goes with the mad scientist angle even though that isn’t really what the story is about, more about a guy looking for revenge because of what was done to him. The influences don’t stop with just the 1950’s though. I noticed that it also borrows from The Incredible Hulk some as well. When Baker first confronts Leisl’s boyfriend, Baker warns that guy not to make him upset because “You won’t like me when I’m upset.” The way it is worded is slightly different, but I’m sure most people into superheroes will know the line. The story has a good pace to it and has a good mix of storylines. There are flashbacks that have to do with the experiments, though we don’t really get to see that happening. The present day of the story has Baker looking for revenge, but there is also the friendship with Leisl and Baker trying to deal with what he has become.

While there is a little blood, there is nothing major here. Just a little blood for cuts and such. There are some interesting masks and/or makeup though. In the spirit of the 1950’s films, it is obvious that Baker is wearing a mask and stuff, which is all part of the charm really. Weresquito, a man changing into a mosquito, is very different, to say the least. There are others like him, but they can change into other things. One changes into a black widow. Another kind of looks like a werewolf. The black widow was also an interesting choice. I liked how she looked and acted, for that matter, but it was hard to understand what she was saying. The acting was pretty good for a low budget film. Douglas Sidney was a good lead but I thought his acting was a little stiff at times. I think that is mostly because he was playing the role straight, where you can tell James Norgard and others were having fun with their roles. Even so, I didn’t find his acting all that bad at all. Michael G. Kaiser ends up playing the part of the Weresquito. I’m assuming they wanted another actor after the transformation in order for the creature to be taller and perhaps a little thinner?

One thing I found funny is when Baker goes into a diner, where he meets Leisl because she works there. I can’t say I have ever seen a diner like this one. One table and a bar that looked big enough to maybe seat three people. It was just so strange to see such a small space being passed off as a diner. What made me laugh even more was the line “Sit anywhere you want.” As if there were a lot of choices. I ended up watching Weresquito: Nazi Hunter with the subtitles on. I have been lately just because there are times I have trouble hearing a whisper or I can’t hear someone speaking over the music. In this case, I was very happy with having the subtitles on because whoever worked on them went above and beyond. I probably would have given Weresquito my average rating, but I had to give in an extra star because of the subtitles. Not only do we get what everyone is saying, which was nice when the black widow shows up, but they also describe the action. At first, I found this annoying until I realized it was all in fun. I found it annoying because I didn’t understand why the subtitles were describing the action with things like and so on. I know the subtitles are mostly there for the hearing impaired, but they can usually still see. The subtitles reminded me a lot of the 1960’s Batman show at times, and that is when it clicked and I really started to enjoy them. It was when Baker hears some weird moaning that the subtitles were the best. I won’t get into those, so just trust me and watching this movie with subtitles. I don’t care if you don’t like to read, read them anyway.

I’m glad that I was introduced to Christopher R. Mihm’s films. I am very interested in checking out his other films. Even if they are just average films, I can see them being fun to watch all the same. Hopefully, this review will encourage some of you to check out his films as well. If you have a love for those 1950’s science fiction and horror films, I know you will want to check this movie out. It isn’t a mind-blowing film, but it is a lot of fun to watch. Mihm gets the style down just right. Give it a watch if you get the chance to do so.

4 out of 5 I’m glad I don’t transform into anything

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  • Vale: Sounds like it could be a fun movie to watch, I like some of the old classic horror movies :)

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