Movie about a video tape that kills you by looking into womans eyes.. crappy 80s movie
... ver 20 years ago on late night cable. It was a reeeeealy cheesy 80's (possibly 90's) movie where a video tape makes you crazy/kill people when you watch it. The movie starts with 2 teenage boys ...
by Guest
Trivia - Which two horror films were adapted from a survival horror video game series?
The first movie of the series was released in 2006 and received rather poor ratings from the critics. In 2012, the sequel was released, which received worse ratings than the original. The plot of the ...
by Vale
Video Dead on DVD?
Can anyone tell me if Video Dead is on DVD? I cant seem to find it anywhere. To make sure i have the right movie please correct me if this is the correct movie. Video Dead is the movie where ...
by cphares
80s or early 90s Horror movie about a evil video tape and video store. Thou...
80s or early 90s Horror movie about a evil video tape and video store. Thought it had matt dillon in it but it wasnt posted on his movie sheet. The video store was selling this evil video and on the ...
by Guest
Check out this video
the new video from The Used is amazing! if you havent seen it yet, heres the link: i love the song, it made me so ...
by jamiebn88
I need to get this video!
... I have a questions for you. Last night I went to a bar and on TV they were playing this very weird video on MTV. There quere two geisha-like girls taking a third ...
by Mattmos
Video about a man sent to steal a giant snake and bring it b...
video about a man sent to steal a giant snake and bring it back to an american zoo
by Guest
Re: Fairly old movie about a guy spying on a woman in a house using secret passageways.
I remember the film with hilary Swank, it was called "The Resident". I think it went straight to video.
by Donna4mv
Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)
It had been a long day Friday, but that was my own fault. Thursday night I went to see Paranormal Activity 3 around 10pm. I usually go to be around 9:30pm on a work night, which Thursday night was. ...
by mermaidheather
V/H/S (2012)
Hopefully I am back now. I was having some problems saving my work here, but it appears to be fixed now. Before I tried to see if I could write here again, I went through a move. I bought my very ...
by mermaidheather
Megan Is Missing (2011)
A couple of weeks ago I was reading a recent review over at The Death Throne about a movie called Megan Is Missing. The blog is run by a good friend of mine, so I try to read all the reviews that he ...
by mermaidheather
Devil's Due (2014)
I'm a bit behind on my movie watching lately. There was a new horror film that came out this weekend, but I had yet to make it out to see Devil's Due. So, I went out yesterday to check it out. I ...
by mermaidheather
Step this way for your brain scan, please.
This kids room is awesome. I mean, impossibly so. Brain Scan, 1994. Horror movies and video games.... two of my favorite things. EVER. Michael is a part of this Video/Horror club at his high ...
The Green Inferno (2013)
Another day, another review. I was thinking of taking a short break from doing reviews here, but a couple of things changed my mind. One was that there will be at least one, maybe two films, that ...
by mermaidheather
Unfriended (2014)
After my last venture out the theater, I still am not being followed. So, I felt safe to go to the theater again this weekend. I guess you are off the hook ZombieDawn. For now at least. I remember ...
by mermaidheather
Oculus (2013)
While watching the live feeds from Coachella, I thought I would at least get started on my review for Oculus between sets. I didn't have a lot to do this last weekend, needed to get some house ...
by mermaidheather
Evolution (2015)
Wow. This makes the second week in a row I have done a review here. I must be sick! Actually, I'm surprised I haven't come down with a cold yet. A lot of people I know have/had colds, so it has ...
by mermaidheather
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)
I'm back already with a new review. I'm not sure yet how many I will end up with here this month, but I'm pretty sure this is the most reviews I have done here in a month. I decided to head off to ...
by mermaidheather
V/H/S: Viral (2014)
For those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope everyone had a fun and wonderful time. Last weekend V/H/S: Viral was released to theaters, but was a limited release. I knew about it ...
by mermaidheather
The Purge: Anarchy (2014)
Sometimes a horror franchise will listen to the fans and give them what they must wanted out of a film in the form of a sequel. When The Purge came out last year, people loved the idea behind it, ...
by mermaidheather
Re: Girl running naked in the woods
Dont think so, this a too professional for a fan video... Thank you very much :)
by adaracd
Event Horizon (1997)
... movie that would scary the jesus out of us, so to find a good movie we had to walk 7km to the best video store in the city, if u dont know i live in iceland and there are not so many video stores ...
by icecorey
They're Watching (2016)
After a bit of a rough week personally, I'm back for another review! I wasn't sure what I was going to review this week because the movie I was going to review wasn't released yet. There is a ...
by mermaidheather
Kung Fury
Not necessarily a horror, per se, but I figured the gore and ABSOLUTE FLIPPIN' nergasm I had watching it justified a write up. If you haven't heard of Kung Fury, I forgive you. I only happened to ...
Alien Abduction (2014)
Since there are no new horror films out this last weekend in the theaters, I went looking for something to watch for here. I got a coupon from my cable service for a free On Demand movie. I took ...
by mermaidheather
Death Of A Ghost Hunter (2007)
Last night I was in the mood to watch a movie so I checked out what I had in my Netflix Instant Queue. I noticed that two of the movies in my queue were about to be taken out. I only watched one of ...
by mermaidheather
Ghost Son (2007)
... nother one next week. For today though I decided on the movie Ghost Son. I bought this movie when a video store near me closed up, so I managed to get it cheap. As soon as I saw it, I knew I would be ...
by mermaidheather
Blair Witch (2016)
When a trailer came out for a movie called The Woods, my first thought was: "Great, another horror movie set in the woods." I said this because it wasn't all that long ago since the movie The ...
by mermaidheather
Night Of The Living Dead: Darkest Dawn (2015)
I ended my second night at the convention with another midnight screening. This time it was for a movie called I Am Alone, a zombie movie if you feel like checking out my review for it. Even though ...
by mermaidheather
The Taking Of Deborah Logan (2014)
After taking a break from doing reviews, I'm getting the urge to do some again. I ended up taking more time off that really intended, but I guess the important thing is I came back. I have a ...
by mermaidheather
The Darkness (2016)
The internet lied to me today. And here I thought everything that was on the internet was true. That was sarcasm, in case it didn't come across that way. I wanted to go see The Darkness so I looked ...
by mermaidheather
Exists (2014)
Wasn't sure if I would get this review in tonight. Been playing a game with a special event going on. I can get the top prize it looks like, so been throwing my attention at it. I did manage to get ...
by mermaidheather
The Amityville Haunting (2011)
I'm a sucker for sequels. I freely admit it. With no new movies out in theaters that I wanted to review, I went searching for a movie to watch for here. I almost went with a different film until I ...
by mermaidheather
Apartment 1303 (2007)
While getting ready to start a series review over at my main blog, I noticed that Netflix was about to take a movie off my instant watch queue. Since I needed to review a movie for here anyway, I ...
by mermaidheather
Saw 3D (2010)
I was reading on the net today where a guy sat through all six Saw movies in one sitting. That is over nine hours of movies that he managed to get through. The most for me so far has been five in one ...
by mermaidheather
I Spit On Your Grave (2010)
... ching this one, but like you say, it's content is a bit hard to watch. When I saw this cover at the video store my first instinct was to reach out and ...
Re: Woman wakes up and something is in the bed with her
I think that's a you tube video
by mark
Name of Horror Movie: Woman turned into fly and guy killed by his ***** (!)
Hello, I used to go this old mom and pop video store called Nickelodeon and sometime around 1991, I found a movie in their horror section. The cover had a woman's head on a fly's body, and what ...
by Giallo Tropics
Is it true
is it true that faith more was sued over a fish dying in a video music
by nosey
Re: Horror film!
Thank you Heather i really appreciate you spending the time to look and hoping that one day you will come across them. Yes your right about the dealers,those that sell and collect hard to ...
by horrorfan

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