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I know I haven’t been around much lately but I hope to change that. Just not in writing reviews, but also be more acting here in general. I still have one more movie I want to watch off the list of movies I was working through from last year, but I also wanted to watch something new for here as well. When The Cloverfield Paradox dropped on Netflix after the Super Bowl, I knew which film I wanted to watch for here. This movie was originally going to be called God Particle but was transformed to fit into the Cloverfield franchise. From what I understand, this was mostly done by adding some new scenes.

In the year 2028, the energy crisis is about to hit a new high. In order to solve the worlds energy problem, a team of international scientists is working on a particle accelerator in outer space. If they can get it to work, it will provide free energy. They are hopeful, but test after test fails. After nearly two years of trying, they are running low on fuel themselves and have a limited number of test runs that they can do. On top of that, world war is looming. They try again and it looks like they have it until an explosion. After they get things back under control, they can no longer find the Earth. They do find a woman in their station though who says she is part of their team, but none of them know who she is. Will they be able to figure out what happened and get back home?

The Cloverfield Paradox was co-written by Doug Jung and Oren Uziel and was directed by Julius Onah. That the script was taken for another movie and changed in order to fit the Cloverfield franchise seems to be a sticking point for some people. While it doesn’t seem to happen a lot, from what I can tell at least, it still happens. I don’t see the big deal over it really since a lot of movies start with one idea but the finished film ends up with a completely different idea over the course of re-writes. I think the biggest problem people have with this film though is trying to figure out how it fits in with the other two films. It is explained very early in the film, and a lot of people seem to mention it but still try to fit the events together. If we take what was explained at face value then what they are doing in space in this film has opened a rift just not in time, but also in all dimensions. So, the second film is not taking place in the same dimension as the first film and this film is not taking place in the same dimension as the other two films. Not to say that they are wrong and I am right, after all, I could be wrong about what I believe is taking place. Hit me up in comments if you think I’m wrong or just want to talk about it further.

The film itself was just okay. I didn’t mind the plot so much as it mirrors what is happening with the particle accelerator in the here and now. Basically, it could end the world as we know it in bad ways. I was kind of wondering how the whole free energy thing was supposed to work from this, but that isn’t what the film is about. The best part of the story ends up being what also becomes its biggest distraction, how weird things get at times. One guy has his eye go all wacky and starts answering questions that only he can here. Another character gets his arm sucked into the metal wall and has it cut off in a bloodless fashion. The arm them comes back with a mind of its own it would seem. These things are explained, but I was never completely sold on how it was explained. I enjoyed how weird things got, but it can feel out of place. On the plus side of things, I enjoyed the pace of the film once things go bad. Things move at a good pace and keep things interesting. I didn’t always like the direction things went in, but I didn’t hate anything either. Another thing I didn’t like much is that besides one character, we don’t learn much of anything about them. Ava is the only character that we learn anything about her past, which wasn’t all that much in itself. Not to say I didn’t care about that other characters, but it makes it easier when you can relate to the characters.

The Cloverfield Paradox is not a bloody film at all. Despite a guy losing most of his arm, things don’t get gory. Actually, there is a scene where we get to see the inside of a person, but this isn’t a very long scene at all. Still, the effects are pretty cool. Even though the lost arm is bloodless, it still looks good. Another scene I liked is water freezing almost instantly when exposed to space, which wouldn’t actually happen (it would boil) but it was a cool effect all the same. The acting was also pretty good. I liked Gugu Mbatha-Raw in the lead role. Her character has to make some hard choices and Gugu does a good job of showing that. Elizabeth Debicki has a very memorable entrance that was pretty wild. Roger Davies plays Ava’s husband and keeps us informed with what is happening on Earth. You can also find David Oyelowo, Daniel Brühl, John Ortiz, Chris O’Dowd, Aksel Hennie, and Ziyi Zhang.

I think another reason some people don’t like The Cloverfield Paradox, or 10 Cloverfield Lane, is because the first film was a monster film. Things were never truly explained where the monster came from and such, so everyone is still waiting for that. With each sequel, it feels like we are getting further away from that even though it is explained in this film if we take it at face value. There was very little about monsters in the previous film and there is even less about them in this film. Will things ever go back to being about monsters? Hard to say, but I do know that a 4th movie has already been filmed and will be released later this year. I think most will be disappointed that it is going to be called a Cloverfield film though. Will you enjoy The Cloverfield Paradox? If you haven’t watched it already, I think it will just depend on what you are expecting from it. I didn’t love it, but that had nothing to do with it not having monsters (except at the very end) or trying to explain things completely from the previous films. Not a great film, but I still found it to be worth a watch.

3 out of 5 I wonder if I write reviews in some other dimension as well

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  • Vale: I don’t get why Cloverfield is such a big hit. I wasn’t a big fan of the first movie or the second... I will try to see this one though :)
  • mermaidheather: You don’t like them?!? You are no longer my friend. lol
  • Vale: Sorry, I liked them and they were well made and suspenseful, but they leave you hanging at the end and they don’t really tie together. I like endings :D
  • mermaidheather: No need to be sorry. I was just messing with you. :)
  • Vale: :)

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