Which remake of a 1950s movie has a famous tagline Be Afraid, be very afraid?
This movie has received an Oscar for Best Make Up. The make up and designs were incredible yet disgusting.
by Marra M
Are your hopes high for the remake of The Thing?
Are your hopes high for the remake of The Thing?
Carrie remake
Has anyone seen the 2002 remake for Stephen King's Carrie? Is it any good or worth watching?
by KitKat0922
Remake it and make it better.
... nother world". I don't know if this will ever be in anyone's top ten favorite horror films, but the remake took the story to a new high, and scared the heck out of me. The original had ...
by Deadbydusk
Which 2006 remake of a Japanese horror movie stars Kristen Bell?
This 2006 remake stars Kristen Bell who tries to discover what happened to her boyfriend after he commits suicide by hanging himself with an ethernet cable.
by Vale
When is the remake of the Crazies happening? Anyone know any...
When is the remake of the Crazies happening? Anyone know anything about it?
by Guest
Lets discuss the best horror remake of all time
Hi What do you think was the best horror remake of all time? Any particular reason? For me, I can't make mind up between the Think and the fly.
by Richard
The Wicker man - Remake vs Origional
Hi I was wondering if anyone had seen both version of the Wicker Man - and how they compared? Thanks
by Darlene
Oh man, I just saw the remake of Black Christmas and was so ...
Oh man, I just saw the remake of Black Christmas and was so disappointed, every second sucked. What was your biggest disappointment? maybe you can help me avoid the experience for the second time.
by Guest
Martyrs Remake News
Rumors of a Hollywood remake of the French film Martyrs has been floating around for some time now, ever since it was released back in 2008 really. According to reports in the last couple of days, ...
by mermaidheather
Rats 1983 Is there a remake?
I was wondering if anyone knows of a remake to Rats (1983) or plans to remake? Thought it was a great movie, and would be interesting to see what could be done with it on a decent budget.
by Lilia
Remake of Stephan Kings It
Does anyone know when the It remake will be out? (I just read the book and hope that the remake sticks to the book more than the original movie did.)
by Chad
Anyone seen or heard anything about the remake of the House ...
Anyone seen or heard anything about the remake of the House of the Devil?
by Guest
Re: Fairly old movie about a guy spying on a woman in a house using secret passageways.
There is a new film out with Hilary Swank and it looks like a remake of the tv movie you mention first. In the tv movie she gets the architect to do all the work for her then she moves in and then it ...
by Rebecca
Horror movies that were said to be cursed in real life
Some horror movies weren't just scary to watch, they were scary to make too! Here are a few movies that were said to have been cursed, leading to bad luck, injuries, and even death for some of the ...
by Vale
Tony Todd Giveaway!
... met Tony Todd while I was there. You may remember him from such movies as Night Of The Living Dead remake, Final Destination 2, Hatchet, and the upcoming Hatchet 2. He is perhaps most know for his ...
by mermaidheather
Ouija (2014)
With this being the last week before Halloween, I'm trying to get a better effort going to get some reviews in. I did manage to go see Ouija on opening weekend, Saturday actually. It was nice ...
by mermaidheather
My Amityville Horror (2012)
My plans for last weekend got thrown off just a bit. I had planned on doing a review at my main site, and here, but that didn't happen. I wasn't real sure what I would watch for here anyway. I went ...
by mermaidheather
Carrie (2013)
Last Friday night I went to a friends house for his "horror night" get together. I normally don't go, just because they tend to pick movie I have already watched, but I decided to go this time. ...
by mermaidheather
I Spit On Your Grave (2010)
... ppens after that. Not so long ago, it was discovered that I Spit On Your Grave was going to get the remake treatment. It did have a limited release in theaters, but it never showed up anywhere near ...
by mermaidheather
The Crazies (2010)
The start of a new year seems to be when they unleash remakes on us. Last year with The Univited being one of the first for the year, as far as horror movies go anyway, it happened to be a remake. I ...
by mermaidheather
Here Comes The Devil (2012)
... nothing new with me. I don't know why, but I decided to do the review for here. At least it isn't a remake this time around. Felix (Francisco Barreiro) and Sol (Laura Caro) are on vacation with ...
by mermaidheather
Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)
I'm a little late getting a review out. My plan for the weekend was to go see the new Underworld film, but when I woke up Saturday, I wasn't feeling good at all. I was feeling a little better Sunday, ...
by mermaidheather
The Echo (2008)
It is time for another review! I had actually planned to write a reveiw sometime during the week, but my job decided it was more important. On top of that, I decide to watch Twilight and New Moon ...
by mermaidheather
Re: What's the movie called, its about a woman gets kidnapped in a cabin by 4 m...
"I Spit on your Grave" 2010. It's a remake of a 1978 movie: Original title: "Day of the Woman" 1978 I saw the remake a couple years ago, and just searched it and discovered it was a remake.
by Just a guest
The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)
... instant watch, I decided it was time to watch it. That and the fact that I had been reading about a remake that had been released. I couldn't find the remake though until recently when Netflix added ...
by mermaidheather
We Are What We Are (2013)
... once was, but it has been more frequent this last week at least. Last week I decided to review the remake of a film that I reviewed the original for here as well. When I did that, I already had in ...
by mermaidheather
Apartment 1303 3D (2012)
... a review for the movie Apartment 1303, which I noted in the review that it was getting a Hollywood remake. I didn't know when it was being released at the time, which apparently came out later that ...
by mermaidheather
Evil Dead (2013)
That was so much fun. Gore abounds in this remake of the 1981 classic! I went with my best friend who doesn't have the constitution that I do... She didn't bring her bubby to cover her eyes with ...
The Thing (2011)
Now that I am all caught up with my movie reviews, I decided it was time to go see The Thing. I was going to catch the cheap ticket show time, but I lost track of time. By the time I looked at the ...
by mermaidheather
Don't Look Up (2009)
I'm very sorry I haven't had any reviews up in a while. I went through a period where I stepped away from reviewing. I get a little burned out sometimes, so I take a break from reviews, and even ...
by mermaidheather
The Pyramid (2014)
It took me a little longer than planned to get around to watching a movie for here. I thought about renting a movie from iTunes to try that service out, but then I remembered that The Pyramid ...
by mermaidheather
Sigaw (2004)
A few weeks ago I reviewed The Echo. This was a remake of a movie from the Philippines. At the time I had yet to see the original film, which is called Sigaw (which translates into Scream actually). ...
by mermaidheather
The Road (2011)
I have to give a bit of a shot out to one of my favorite bloggers, ZombieDawn. The last couple of horror conventions I went to, I picked up a couple of autograph pictures for her. She returned the ...
by mermaidheather
Let Me In (2010)
I took in the early showing of Let Me In today so I could hopefully get a review out for it early. Lucky for me I have the day off from work, but I could have went to it even if I didn't. For once my ...
by mermaidheather
Poltergeist (2015)
I've been on a bad slump doing reviews this last week. I hope to get things turned around soon. It helps that this is a three day weekend for me, even though I have some minor plans that go with ...
by mermaidheather
Help me on this one. I see this title has come available on Amazon Prime. I'm reminded of a French movie by the same name. I search the internet to be sure that I'm not about to re-watch the title ...
Blair Witch (2016)
When a trailer came out for a movie called The Woods, my first thought was: "Great, another horror movie set in the woods." I said this because it wasn't all that long ago since the movie The ...
by mermaidheather
Martyrs (2015)
... hree reviews (including this one) up this weekend here. When I learned that Martyrs was getting the remake treatment, I had a lot of mixed feelings about it. I was very taken by the original film, so ...
by mermaidheather
Night Of The Living Dead: Darkest Dawn (2015)
I ended my second night at the convention with another midnight screening. This time it was for a movie called I Am Alone, a zombie movie if you feel like checking out my review for it. Even though ...
by mermaidheather

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