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I was having a little trouble deciding what movie to watch next. I thought about watching a movie for my other blog, but I’m about done with a book that I want to review so I’m holding off until I get the book done. I was in the mood to watch a movie though, so I decided to get a head start on getting something watched for here. But which movie? I’m starting my new list for best and/or favorite horror films from 2017 that I haven’t watched most cases. I decided on Never Hike Alone, a movie that everyone can watch right now. Never Hike Alone is a fan made Friday The 13th film that you can watch on YouTube. If you are interested in watching the movie, just click the link. After you read my review of course!

Kyle (Drew Leighty) is going on a hiking trip with no one but his trusty camera. Kyle has a place in mind to hike to but soon finds a nature reserve in his way. Kyle uses his camera to record videos for his vlog where he talks about the hike and the different things he has taken with him. He talks to the camera about what to do with the nature reserve and notes in a book that he has with him that it is not known why the land was turned into a reserve. With daylight being a problem, Kyle decides to cut through to save time. He finds a lake and decides to set up a camp nearby. As Kyle gathers some wood, he discovers a sign that says “Camp Crystal Lake”. Kyle soon finds what remains of the famous camp, and also discovers that Jason (Vincente DiSanti) is also still around.

Never Hike Alone was written and directed by Vincente DiSanti. As it is explained at the start of the movie, this was done purely out of love of the Friday The 13th franchise. It has made a lot of people wonder why the studio that has the rights to the franchise can’t come up with a script when DiSanti has made a simple, yet very effective, movie on his own. There isn’t much of a plot to Never Hike Alone, just one guy who ends up going against Jason. with a small twist at the end where a popular character from the franchise makes an appearance. Of course, most of the films in the franchise are not all that complicated as far as their stories go, but this fan film has the simplest so far. Perhaps that works in its favor though. Disanti manages some beautiful shots of the forest with some shots from above the trees. I also liked what he did with Jason. I didn’t care that much for this Jason, he just doesn’t look intimidating enough to me. Even so, I liked that this Jason has a bit of a supernatural around him. We see and hear Jason walking around, with loud footsteps each time, but then he will just disappear without a sound. This manages to add a lot of tension because we don’t know where Jason went. At first, it is hard to say if Jason is even real. I’m not sure why they played Jason that way at first just because it wouldn’t be a fan film without Jason. Another thing I liked was when Jason picks up his weapon of choice. He has used many weapons and uses more than one here, but there is one that seems to fit Jason the most. What impressed me the most is that the film doesn’t feel like a fan made film. It barely feels like a low-budget type film, though there are times when the sound could have been just a bit better.

I may not have been impressed with Jason himself, but I have to admit that I like the makeup for Jason’s face when the mask comes off. It was well done and not really what I was expecting. I’m not saying that is a bad thing really. There are some effects to be found outside of that as well. These have to do with the fight between Jason and Kyle. I thought the wounds from the fight could have been better at times, but things do get pretty bloody. There is a nice touch showing Jason’s blood as being black in color. The acting is pretty good. I liked Drew Leighty in the lead role. It has nothing to do with his acting really, but I liked that his character wasn’t afraid to fight if need be. Vincente DiSanti may not have been intimating enough for me, but he still pulled off a good Jason otherwise. Katie Schwartz and Robert DuBois show up as a pair of paramedics late in the film. I won’t say who the actor is that shows up from the franchise as it was a nice surprise. I wasn’t paying close attention to the credits or I would have known his name when it came up, but I still knew who it was as soon as he appeared on the screen. He is older now, of course, but I still knew right away.

I admit it was a bit odd to see the paramedics there in the middle of the woods for no apparent reason, but I think the returning character probably had something to do with that. I think some will find the start of the film a bit slow at first, as there isn’t much going on, but stick with it. Even though Kyle uses his camera to talk at times, this isn’t a found footage type film, if you are worried about that. If you are a Friday The 13th, I hope you give Never Hike Alone a watch. It has impressed a few people enough at least to put this film on their top 10 favorite horror movies of 2017, which is pretty impressive for a film like this. It is a short film at just under 54 minutes, so I hope that encourages everyone to give it a chance. I was thinking that Never Hike Alone would be a middle of the road style film for me, but I ended up being impressed by how well made it is and how nice it looks. Well worth a watch if you miss those slasher style films.

4 out of 5 I probably would never go hiking so no worries about being alone

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  • Vale: Nice review, I will watch it when I get a chance and then leave another comment :)

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