Movies Where A Woman Is Ripped, Torn, Cut, Chopped Or Eaten In Half

Credit for this post goes to A Guy.

  • Axe Giant: Girl cut in half with a giant axe (vertically).
  • Piranha 3D: Bikini-clad gal cut in half by a wire.
  • Evil Aliens: Girl gets her legs ripped off at the crotch by an alien.
  • Soul of the Demon (1991): Girl is pulled in half by a ghost.
  • Screen Kill AKA:Snuff Kill: Girl is cut in half with a chainsaw.
  • Inkubus: Woman is cut in half on a table with a knife (?).
  • Sliced in half effect on YT:
  • Penn & Teller Saw a woman in half:
  • Pieces: Chainsawed at the waist.
  • Eli Roth’s Chainsaw short: Chainsawed at the waist.

Other possibilities:

  • The Hitcher: Hitcher Rutger Hauer ties a girl between two trucks and she gets torn in half.
  • The Conqueror Worm
  • Doctor Gore (Island of Doctor Gore)
  • Mausoleum (1983): Where a woman is ripped in half while suspended in mid air.

Movies posted in the comments:

  • 2001 Maniacs: A girl is torn apart when she is tied to horses who ran in different directions.
  • Blood Diner: A woman is cut in half from head to toe.
  • Red Christmas: A woman cut in two by an ax vertically.
  • Leatherface: A woman is decapitated by a chainsaw.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: If anyone knows of more, please post them in the comments
  • jade: I wonder what this amount of mutilated women tell about our society and culture.
  • Vale: I know, it’s pretty gruesome :(
  • PillowShark: "2001 Maniacs"Girl is torn apart when she is tied to horses who ran in different directions.Does "Hatchet" and it’s sequels count?
  • Vale: That’s an interesting way to tear a person apart... although I’m not sure it would really work! Who is torn apart in Hatchet?
  • PillowShark: I just realized it’s just women getting sliced or pulled apart so Hatchet don’t favorite movie slice scenes are of men so I have nothing..
  • Vale: Maybe you can do a blog on men being cut in half :D
  • Mike Manning: What evil aliens is it like can you give the date thks
  • Vale: Evil Aliens 2005
  • mark: wasn’t a girl also cut in half in blood diner?
  • Vale: I don’t know that movie, I’ll have to check!
  • mermaidheather: Welcome back Vale :)
  • Vale: Thanks :)
    By the way, I checked out Blood Diner and mark is correct, a woman is cut in half from head to toe
  • mermaidheather: Red Christmas has a woman cut in two by an ax vertically.
  • Vale: I’ve updated the list!
  • Polterguest: I do know for sure that the Piranha 3-d shows a girl being cut in half by a metal cord and some girls being ate by the piranhas left with half their bodies.
  • Polterguest: I just realized Piranha was mentioned .Can we add Leatherface to the list? A woman is decapitated. It feels only fitting to add every ones favorite chainsaw toting mad men to the list even though technically all these years there were no solid cut in half scenes in the chainsaw movies. So do heads count as a body being cut in half?
  • Vale: I guess so :) I will add it now!

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