Mix And Match- Incompletes Aka Word Dump

I present to you just what everyone wants to read.... Incomplete writing. Meh, take a look if you have the time. Let me know if you think there’s any movies I’ve got here that you’d like to hear more about. There’s a handful of other started reviews, but they are little more than a sentence... So, I put this out there and now I can delete the drafts section of my blog. Good riddance!


We Are Still Here

I’m really hesitant to watch this one. I wasn’t too impressed with the trailers I’ve seen, but I’m throwing caution to the wind and giving it a shot. Quite a few reviewers are liking it quite a bit, so here we go. I’m going to write this one unlike any other I have before: WHILE I watch the movie.

We open on a couple driving out to the house. He seems pretty normal and she seems pretty moody. I don’t know why yet.


It Follows

This movie is one that’s been on my radar for quite some time. I went into it only knowing that the plot surrounds a girl who has picked up a curse by having some innocent sex. I’m really glad I didn’t go searching for more information. When I get to see a movie that’s so highly anticipated by horror fans, it’s definitely a nice surprise when it actually delivers. And for me, this one really did. I can see how some might think it’s moody or a slow burn, but I personally couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

Jay is your average teenage girl. With an average teenage crush on a boy named Hugh. One night, on a date, they are playing a game in a movie theater. Try to figure out who in the crowd the other person would like to be, and why. It’s all fun until Hugh points out a girl in a yellow dress he thinks Jay has her eye on. But Jay doesn’t see any girl with a yellow dress. In a panic, he rushes the both of them out of the theater. Later, Jay relates to her sister how odd he was behaving, though it doesn’t stop her from sleeping with him in the back seat of a car on their next encounter. After sex, Jay is lazily playing with weeds with her arm hanging out of the car. Our Lothario takes his opportunity to hit her with good ol’ choloroform. When she wakes, she’s strapped to a wheelchair in an abandoned building. He warns Jay of what he’s just passed to her and advises her to sleep with someone as soon as possible and pass it on to them, because, IT FOLLOWS.

As you may have already heard, this movie has become quite the hit on the horror circuit. I love it for quite a few reasons.

*First, the soundtrack. It took me back to some of my Dario Argento favorites and even a little Halloween and Friday the 13th type sounds. It’s gritty, simple and effective almost as a character of its own. I’m absolutely buying both the soundtrack and the film!

*I loved the retro feel to almost everything, from the decor to wardrobe choices. The only thing that stood out against this was Jay’s friend Yara’s clam shell smart phone.

*The fact that no one but the person cursed can see the entity is pretty unnerving until the others begin to see outward signs of it manipulating the environment.

It Follows is definitely one I’d recommend to watch. It gave me all of what I look for in a horror movie, even though it was light on the gore.


Don’t know what my subject was on this blurb:

Recently, there hasn’t been a lot coming out in theaters for me to watch. I made it to see Maleficent last week and had it been in a larger theater and had there not been so many disruptive children and inept parents, I would have enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to a few upcoming films though, such as Deliver us from Evil (this month) and Jessebelle (August) both out this year. Imdb also notes that Welcome to Harmony will be releasing this year, but no definite date. I’ve been browsing through instant watch hoping to find some inspiration to tide me over until the next release. I found NOTHING.


Last Days on Mars

(I use this poster because I like it much better than this one.)

(Don’t know what the poster was)

So, I write this bit before I’ve seen the movie so I can lay down how I felt about it and what I expected before going in. Liev Schreiber plays, I think, the lead character in this flick. It’s a horror based in space... I know it won’t be anything like these, but my mind instantly goes to Alien, Deepstar Six, Leviathan, (Yes, those last 2 were set in the ocean...) Event Horizon.. I loved the whole Alien franchise. In fact, Ripley was one of my first strong female role models. Anyway, what I’ve read about the movie excites me to watch it more. “Throwback of 50’s even 80’s thrillers.” “If I wanted to watch Zombies in Space I’d watch Ghosts on Mars.” One reviewer said that Schreiber had no emotion til the end of the film. Honestly, when have you ever seen him have emotion? No big surprise there. Well, I’m off to work and I’ll see this blog again once I’ve watched it tonight!


Open Grave

I recently found a site that lists all the new and coming horror flicks. Pure gold, I tell ya. Open Grave was one film on the radar, so I thought I’d give it a shot for my Tuesday night movie with the girls.

Sharlto Copley stars in this film as the man who wakes up in a mass grave. I was having such a hard time pinning down where I knew him from. Maybe it’ll drive you nuts, too, before you give up and cheat with imdb.

So, “John” wakes up in the grave late at night in utter confusion. After knocking out some bad charlie horses, he’s helped out of the hole by a mysterious woman.

(This movie was really good)


Zombie A**Toilet of the Undead

With a title like that, they better deliver some butts, right? I’m just gonna hope that if you happen across this movie on your instant watch, that you are fully prepared for all sorts of butt shots, and anything you can think of relating to butts. With that said, let’s dive right in, shall we?

A group of friends heads out on a camping trip. Megumi has some issues about her sister and the guilt she feels over her untimely death after being bullied in her school toilet. Megumi invites


Carrie (remake)

Mixed feelings, but good.

The new film begins with Margaret White screaming and crying out to God begging him to stop the cancer that is killing her presently. There are streams of blood throughout the house leading up the stairs to her room where we find her in her bed. We all know what’s really happening here, though she isn’t really showing. She’s giving birth to a daughter. Carrie.

If you are not familiar with the story or the original movie Carrie is a story about a young girl who is raised by her religious zealot mother who discovers that she has telekinetic powers. This is not a good combination for some.

Not a bad job, really. I am a lover of the original movie, though to be fair, I’m a true Stephen King fan.... so I tend to love anything with his name attached to it. There were a lot of parallels to the original movie and a few new ideas. You can imagine the shower scene could be a bit embarassing for the Carrie in our current time period. What with smart phones and YouTube and whatnot. Honestly, I was a tad disappointed at how many parallels there were. Granted, this is a remake, but carbon copy it need not be, which at times IT WAS!

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the new life given to the movie. I was rapt from scene one. Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie seems like the only choice that could have been made she really grabs this role. One of my favorite scenes was early on in her discovery of her powers she bursts a door down the middle with only the fury she was feeling at the time.

Julianne Moore as Margaret White was no stretch for the imagination. Watching that pent up woman trying to control herself from striking out at a “godless woman” by tearing at her thigh with a seam ripper was just so creepy and effective!!

The final scenes of the new movie, where revenge is taken, delivered to the screaming mass of teenagers was definitely a favorite of mine. You need only look into her


Oh, I missed this movie! Been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, so I thought I’d dust off an old favorite for an evening alone on a dark and stormy night. I haven’t seen it for a good 15 years and it was almost like watching it again for the first time.

Herbert West, played by Jeffrey Coombs, has arrived at the Miskatonic Medical School after a very suspicious incident involving his mentor Dr. Gruber.


I know I’m a little late in the game as far as technology savvy goes, so don’t judge too much. I just discovered youtube has some free full length movies available and they are right up my alley. I figured I’d get a few watches in there for my usual era: the 80’s. I’ve been away longer than I’ll mention and I think this’ll really get the creative juices flowing. Who am I kidding? I end up entertaining myself more than anyone else writing this stuff up but it’s worth it. So here we are my Friday night at home in my great big bed with a cheesy horror film. Perfect.

The film opens in the center of your run of the mill shopping mall. The bigwigs are showing off their new state of the art purchase: robot security guards.

Mary Woronov and Paul Bartel play a couple who aren’t too supportive of the new kids in town. With every word of the presenter the wife and hubby team glare, smirk and guffaw. It was kind of cute. They really would have pulled off the likeable bully characters of the movie if they’d just had more screen time. Same goes for good old Dick Miller. He plays a crochety janitor whose one scene has him mopping up someones mess with a never ending string of complaints. He is egged on by another set of janitors that appear to be overgrown schoolyard ****.


Oh, goody. An organism that takes over the bodies of people it attacks!! Gory city!

The only downfall is that 5 minutes after ordering and paying for this movie I realize that I’ve already seen it.... Eh, sally forth. The movie ends up being a lot of fun. I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than to watch a bunch of poor saps walk around on their broken legs after they’ve already bled out.

My god, I’m sick.


So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • mermaidheather: I was curious if they were your drafts. I was going to ask, but never got around to it. I would like to see what you thought of We Are Still Here. I’ve almost watched it a couple of times now.
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: There were definitely many aspects that were interesting and entertaining, to be sure. But it was a bit slow. Still, worth the watch.
    (It’s funny, every now and then I get stumped by "where do I know that actor from"? This was the case watching We are Still Here. One of the main characters in WaST is the mother from You’re Next.)
  • Vale: Can you write more about Open grave and Reanimator?
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: Love those movies! Sure thing, will do :-)
  • Vale: Thanks!
  • cattleworks: HAHAHA!
    I love the procrastination list at the very top!
    I totally understand the need to post this assortment of unfinished posts since I myself have a staggering amount of unfinished posts lying in “draft purgatory” at my own blogsite.
    I’m amused by how some of your reviews simply end in mid-sentence.
    In the past, I’ve revisited some of my drafts and have seen topics raised that went nowhere and due to the passage of time I have no idea where I was originally going with it. Arghhh!
    I also write down ideas for stories that months later when I finally take a look at them that are so minimally informative and/or cryptic I wonder why I took the time to write it down in the first place. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll throw out that scrap of paper, dammit! Some day my impulsive muse will return and fill me in on the missing details, he said hopefully but mostly obsessively.
    I think it’s constructive that you cleaned out your drafts section. And you got a blog post out of it, too!
    And I also have a variation on having unfinished movie reviews accumulating except in this case, it’s with actually watching movies: having a string of films on whatever streaming service or DVR queue waiting to be resumed and watched all the way through. I’m guilty of that.
    Re: ZOMBIE **** TOILET, what is up with these weird-**** (no pun intended) Japanese horror movies?? Although, at first I thought it was a Troma title (and I think there’s some film in their inventory that has a similar title).
    RE-ANIMATOR is great. I remember first watching it years ago on VHS and loving it for the more outrageous elements, and then when I re-watched it a couple years later I was struck by how good a movie it was in general.
    I love the title to <email> . I don’t think it really makes sense considering the plot with the robots and stuff, but it’s a great exploitation title, like JURASSIC SHARK is.
    The CARRIE remake I haven’t seen, but the cast sounds great. But, I agree with you, why do a remake if it’s only going to be a retread? That’s a basic opinion about remakes in general. Speaking of which, what’s the deal with the latest CABIN FEVER? I haven’t actually seen any of the films, but I found out that the latest one is a remake? Already?! WTF? I don’t understand some of these decisions.
    The “where do I know that actor from” syndrome is both funny to read and understandably annoying because I can sympathize. I get that, too, although more often than not, I suffer from "WTF is that actor’s name again? I know I know it, dammit!” syndrome.
    Anyway, cool reading some of your thoughts here on the various films.
    Looking forward to reading more of your reviews! Good luck in your efforts to keep on trucking at the keyboard!

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