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I’m back from my first night at the Midwest Horror Fest! I had a fun time, but I’m a little mad as well. I didn’t preorder a ticket because a friend of mine told me to hold off, as he might be able to get free passes for the both of us. Well...he didn’t, which is fine, but he also decided not to go at all. That isn’t why I am mad though. According to their website, preorder for a three-day ticket was $15 or $20 at the door. No biggy, $5 isn’t going to break me. When I got there, I was told the three-day ticket is preorder only, so I have to pay $10 a day to get in. Someone is going to get an email from me over this. Why put “at the door” on the website if you can’t actually purchase the ticket at the door? Anyway, the first full-length film was called Made Me Do it.

Ali (Anna B. Shaffer) is at home with her brother Nick (Jason Gregory London). They are just hanging out around the house doing whatever comes to mind. What they don’t know is that someone named Thomas (Kyle Van Vonderen) is making his way to their house. Thomas is wearing a mask and killing along his way to Ali’s house. When the mask goes on, Thomas becomes Barbara, who is out to kill anyone that has hurt Thomas. In order to survive the night, Ali will need to figure out what it is she did to Thomas.

Made Me Do It was co-written by Matthew John Koppin and Benjamin Ironside Koppin, who also directed. Made Me Do It is said to be an ’80s slasher throwback type film, according to the description on IMDb, but I didn’t really get that feel from it. It takes a while to build up the story here. To be honest, I was starting to get pretty bored with it. Of course, it doesn’t help that I get off work and head straight to these things. I’m already tired, so feeling bored doesn’t always take much. To be fair, I should point out that I was getting bored with Ali and Nick. There wasn’t much going on there. Thomas is another story. While we see him killing someone here and there, we are also given a lot of flashbacks to fill in his backstory. These mostly deal with Thomas being abused by his aunt, a lot apparently. Thomas is either slow or he isn’t all there. Either way, he becomes an easy target for his aunt and others as well. Thomas creates masks, which are just paper plates that he draws on. One mask seems to give him power in order to fight back. The back story is interesting, but I was getting very annoyed by it because of all the edits and cuts to them. These are also present in the present day stuff as well, usually as Thomas kills someone. The closer that Thomas gets to Ali, the more we learn about how the two are connected.

Once Thomas reaches the house, I found that the story got better. We learn from there that it appears Thomas has some powers. Able to close and lock a door with a tilt of his head. Appear in different places a bit too quickly and so on. It was an interesting idea, to say the least. However, there is a good twist to the story right at the end that leaves the door open to say that Thomas doesn’t actually have powers. It was a pretty cool twist I thought. The last half of the film actually save it for me. I was no longer bored with it and I felt more awake while watching it.

Made Me Do It doesn’t really have any real gory effects. There are scenes where someone gets attacked by an ax and we see blood, but nothing very gory at any point. Some people even get attacked by a garden tool. This makes only the second time I have even seen this happen in a horror movie. The acting was pretty good at least. I wasn’t into Anna B. Shaffer all that much at first, but she improves a great deal as the film goes on. Kyle Van Vonderen steals the show easily. All his scenes are great. Liston Spence plays the part of Ali’s ex who shows up the house shortly before Thomas does. Elain Rinehart plays the part of the aunt and does a pretty good job of being the evil aunt.

As much as I enjoyed the acting, sometimes that can only carry a film so far. Made Me Do It almost made me tune out and grab some winks, but I stuck with it. I’m glad I did since it did improve. The editing and quick cuts probably annoyed me more than anything. They sometimes made it very hard to see what was going on. I was wondering about a possible twist at the end, as it just made some scenes make more sense to me. Even though the last half of the film improved, I still didn’t find Made Me Do It to be a great film. I’m glad it didn’t end the way I thought it was going to at least. If this one sounds good to you, give it a chance someday. I don’t know if the film is out yet, as no one was there from the film. Hopefully, it will be soon if it isn’t already.

3 out of 5 Crazy women do it better

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  • Vale: It looks like it came out in theaters in Sept. It sounds like an interesting plot, although I don’t like movies that jump around too much and cut away from scenes too quickly. Is the main focus on Thomas or on Ali? Or is it sort of split between the two until they come together?
    When I watched Headless, what I found annoying was that the it was mostly focused on the killer and only a bit at the end on the girl who was meant to be a central character.
  • mermaidheather: I would say that it leans more towards the killer thanks to the flashbacks. The story goes back and forth between the two and the flashbacks towards the end explain how Ali and Thomas know each other, which is partly why he is going after her.
  • Vale: I will try to see it when it shows up on netflix or something :)
  • mermaidheather: I learned that Anna B. Shaffer and Kyle Van Vonderen won the best actress and actor awards at the festival. Congrats to them both!
  • Vale: Oh wow, that’s great!
  • Justin: Saw Made Me Do It at the Midwest Horrorfest & it easily became one of my favorite movies of the weekend. The way the movie presents the killer & victims, you feel sympathy for someone who causes the mayhem instead of the people on the receiving end. If you have the chance to watch it, you won’t be disappointed.
  • mermaidheather: Great hearing from someone else who was there Justin! Did you go all three days? I just ended up going two of the three.

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