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I have been making a list of films that people found to be their favorites from 2017. So far it hasn’t been as large of a list as last year’s was. It appears I have watched a few that others found to be their favorites. I still have a couple of films from my last list though before I get into a new list. Just one more after this one actually. That doesn’t complete my list, but I think I will direct the rest to my main blog if I ever get to watch them. Lake Nowhere has a release date of 2014 on the different websites that I get that information from, but I think it didn’t find its way to DVD or online rental until 2016.

A group of friends heads out to a lake in order to party and makeout. The fun starts as soon as they get there, but they have no idea that they are being watched. They soon discover that they are being stalked and killed by a masked killer.

I wish I could describe the plot better, but that was about the extent of it. Lake Nowhere was co-written by Ryan Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen Phelps, and Christopher Phelps, who co-directed with Maxim Van Scoy. They all set out to make a certain kind of film. Lake Nowhere was made to look like a bootleg VHS tape. As far as I know, I have never watched a bootleg film before, so I’m not sure if that is what this movie feels like. It does give you the feeling of watching an old VHS tape though. The colors feel just slightly washed out, a movie that was recorded over shows up for a couple of seconds in one place, and of course, you get the weird lines and such that sometimes goes with an old VHS tape. All this isn’t used a lot though, which I’m glad for since it would have become annoying. To make it feel more like a movie that was copied instead of recorded off TV, the filmmakers have included a couple of trailers for movies that they made up. There is also a beer commercial that they made up for a beer that is found in the feature film. This threw me for a moment because I wasn’t sure why there would be a beer commercial, fake bootleg or not. The trailers, especially the first one, are well done and would pass for an actual movie easily enough. The first one is an Italian gillao inspired trailer for a film called The River Runs Red. The second trailer is for a movie called Harvest that reminded me of The Food Of The Gods in a way.

As for Lake Nowhere itself, I consider it a short film almost. If you take out the stuff before it and the end credits, which include the stuff that precedes this film, then you are left with roughly a 40-minute film. If you are looking for a film with characters you get to know well or a deep story, then you will want to look elsewhere. What we do get felt like a mix of Evil Dead and Friday The 13th. It reminded me of the latter film a lot more, but there is this weird vibe that runs through Lake Nowhere that reminded me a lot of the former film. One character goes for a swim in the lake. He acts like something is trying to get him under the water and then we hear him scream. He comes back later not himself. I’m not sure how that, and a couple of others things, tied into the big masked killer that was also wandering around, but that is the story that we get. We get to know who is sleeping with who, along with a little bit of nudity during these scenes, and that sums up the film, more or less.

The effects are a mixed bag. Not all the effects look great, but I have a feeling that was done on purpose. Things do get pretty gory at times, so I will give Lake Nowhere some credit for that. I felt that the bad effects were done to give the film a more ’80s feel and to provide the film with some cheesy moments. One scene featured someone getting their head cut off. It surprised me with all the blood that went shooting up when this happened. The cheesy feel of it all is the now headless body doing almost dance-like movements and the killer doing the same. In fact, and I went back to double check this, it looked like the killer’s head also goes missing. The acting was good. No one really stood out to me in this film as being great, but I can’t say that I didn’t like any of the actors either. The killer, played by Matthew Howk, Oscar Allen, and Adam Robillard, was a nice choice. He towers over the other actors so it was easy to see how he could kill the others. By the way, the last two actors are listed as body doubles so I think Matthew Howk played the part more than the others.

Lake Nowhere did make me laugh in a couple of places, mostly due to the cheesy effects. It was actually nice to get that reaction out of me. Even if it wasn’t ever explained, I did enjoy the weird feeling that the film gave off when it came to the lake. While I wasn’t completely sold on the film, I have to agree with other reviews that say that the filmmakers accomplished what they set out to do, make their film feel like a ’80s film on VHS. I have a feeling that a lot of the reviews that gave Lake Nowhere a higher score than I will do so just because of that. Is it worth watching for you? I think that just depends on the style of film that you like. While Lake Nowhere gets good ratings, I can’t see this being for everyone. Having not grown up during the VHS era, it isn’t that big of a deal to me to see a more recent film try to get that feeling. Plus I think the length will be a deciding factor for some people as well. Not everyone likes short films after all. If you really loved the cheesy slasher films of the ’80s though, Lake Nowhere is a film you probably don’t want to miss.

3 out of 5 You won’t have to worry about me swimming in that lake

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  • Vale: There seem to be a few films that are trying to replicate old VHS "found" videos. If this is a slasher like "Headless" then I think I will pass :D

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