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I came across this one kind of at random. I hadn’t seen this title before anywhere and thought I’d give it a go, work is slow today and I need to get something on this page before I fall away to nonexistence. All I know at this point is that Lake Bodom is a lake in Finland and this movie is based there where real life murders happened, that, as rumor has it, are still unsolved to this day. On a June night in 1960, four campers were brutally attacked while they slept. Only one survived. In the subsequent years, many theories sprung forth on what really happened that night. This may or may not have led to the public charging the lone survivor of the crime 44 years later, of which he was later acquitted.

The film opens on the lake, where 3 of the 4 campers are splashing around, generally enjoying themselves, while the last of their number is eerily sharpening his knife near the fire casting an ominous stare over his shoulder at the group.

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Flash forward to present day and we meet our newest victims Elias, Atta, Ida and Nora. They’re planning a trip to the lake for some seemingly innocent teenage fun. It would appear the boys have some tricks up their sleeves regarding spooking the girls who may or may not be aware of the tragedy at the lake all those years ago. One of them, Atta, has a kind of morbid fascination with the murders, even carries around a little scrap book with the details and photos. I dunno... but I don’t think this is a healthy pastime. Then again, I have a few morbid books in my own collection.

The young group arrives at the lake and set up camp after the girls find out that they’ve been lied to. In an effort to get the girls to come along, Atta told them they were going to a lakeside cabin. When he exclaims to the group, after trekking through the woods, that they have arrived, Ida asks “Um, where’s the cabin?”

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Real nice, brosef. Oddly enough, the girls don’t seem too off-put by this revelation and even smoke a little pot, swim a little and get frisky before retiring for the night. Meh, what’s a little deceit between friends, amirite?! But LO AND BEHOLD a killer stalks.

Nu uh! NO!

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Surely not.

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Ok, enough with the memes. It’s beneath me. So, we meet the killers shoes while someones a$$ is hanging out of the tent and thus ensues the hunt. Not too bad, it only took 30 minutes to get here, so I’ve got 50 minutes of run, run chase me, chase me to watch. Good times. Gonna sit back and do that, now.

Upon finishing the movie, I have to say, all in all, I enjoyed it. There were a few things that were hard to believe, and some were later explained... This was definitely a good way to spend my off time today. I may be getting old, but I didn’t necessarily expect what ended up happening in this film. There wasn’t much gore, but a fair amount of blood, so if gory oozy stuff is a deal breaker for you, you’re pretty safe here. No real jump scares to be found. There was a bit in the movie where mouths were sealed and that made me feel claustrophobic for a moment. Why?! There’s not much else to say here, there’s a twist, sure. But we all know the campers/woods/crazed killer scenario. Anyhow, if you’re up for watching a group of campers getting picked off one by one, this ones a fair way to spend your time. There’s great scenery, unrequited love, revenge and just a little bit of underlying dread out here at Lake Bodom.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • mermaidheather: Surprised but happy to see a review by you! I haven’t heard of it either. Where did you watch it?
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: It was on Amazon Shudder! I’m gonna try to write more... but I always say that!
  • Vale: Nice review! I think I heard about this story before, I’m not sure I’ll ever get to watch this movie though :(
  • cattleworks: This movie sounds like its worth checking out!
    I’m particularly intrigued by the historical back story to it.
    From a creative point of view, I like that the filmmakers decided to film a story based on this actual unsolved mystery. After reading the wikipedia page about the crimes, I’m also fascinated by the actual murders that happened and the ensuing, gradual fallout over the years regarding possible suspects and the lone surviving camper. To be honest, that part of the story sounds perhaps more interesting than the plot of this movie, hahaha! But still, I’d like to check this film out some day.
    Nice review!

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