I'm looking for a horror movie with as woman and her son dieds and she is t...

I'm looking for a horror movie with as woman and her son dieds and she is told she can talk to him one lasttime in a cave as long as she doesn't open the door

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I saw this movie. 😎 The title is The Other Side of the Door (2016).

You are referring to an American British horror movie. This movie manage to gross $14+ worldwide from its $5 million budget. The plot goes this way, Maria lost her son in a car accident in India. She has not recovered from the tragedy. She saved her daughter but left her son Oliver to die. This guilt nagged at her that she even attempted suicide.

She was comforted by her housekeeper Piki. The housekeeper ask Maria if she wants to say goodbye to her son the last time. She explains that there is an abandoned temple where the line from the living and dead is very thin. She must scatter her son’s ashes at the temple steps and lock herself. At all cost she must not open the door when she hears Oliver’s voice. She did open the door which made the soul of Oliver follow her back and is now evil. She advise her to burn all of Oliver’s possessions to break the hold from the spirit world. You already know the ending, the cycle seems to repeat but this time it was the husband on the living end and Maria on the spirit world.

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