Help with the name of a Horror movie, maybe german or italian.

Ok, this is really a tricky one. I saw it between 1999 and 2002 on the german tv station, PRO 7. They dub the voices, so the movie might be german, italian or even from the US.

The plot:

About a killer that dresses as a woman in a night dress and kills families.

The opening scene is with a couple they are trying to have sex in a train compartiment, they start doing it, then the train goes into a tunnel, then when it comes out, the guy is dead, while the killer is with the woman.

Then he goes to a familly house, only the girl survives, a few years pass and the killings start again. The plot twist is that the little girl killed the killer many years ago, but she discovers some alter ego of herself and becomes the new killer.

Can someone help? I am searching it for a while now.

Thank you.

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