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Sorry for the delay in getting a review up here. This past weekend I was very busy watching movies at the latest convention I went to. I watched a total of 12 movies in all over the weekend and got off to a slow start getting reviews up. After not getting much sleep over the weekend, I was more than ready to get some sleep Sunday night. I have a lot of catching up to do now. As I have done in the past, I’m splitting up my reviews between my two blogs. If you are interested in reading about the first film I got to watch, check out the review for Aaron’s Blood, a vampire film. The second film I got to watch Friday night was a film called Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer. As you can probably tell from the poster, this one fell into the comedy/horror genre.

Hackley (Allen Hackley) was once on top of his game with seventeen movies under his serial killer belt. In the present day, he is now working for a company called RKS and gets to deal with the corporate world. No longer really liking his job, he struggles to meet his quota for kills, has to deal with the company rule book and has to deal with his main rival (Justin Habersaat) in the office. Welcome to the real world Hackley.

Given to us by writer Garrett Hargrove and director Tim Sanders, Fun With Hackley lands squarely in the comedy genre. The characters are mostly based off of popular slasher killers. Hackley is clearly Jason for example. His main rival is based on the Scream killer. Despite this, Fun With Hackley isn’t scary in the slightest. Think The Office but replaced with serial killers and you have the gist of this film. I’m not trying to put the film down, as it actually is funny in places, but it wasn’t a film I got behind at any point. Usually with comedies, as long as the movie makes me laugh then I’m cool with it. Not so much in this case. Maybe I was reading too much into it, but I never understood what service RKS provided, I never understood the rules that govern the characters. As far as I could tell, maybe I just missed the explanation, I had no idea what RKS was about. The employees go around killing people, specifically by company rules, but I had no idea how they were supposed to get away with it and why they had to dress up like their horror movie persona. Hackley doesn’t really like his new job and has been having anger management issues. Because of that, when he doesn’t like something, he kills the person. Depending on who they are, sometimes they come back...sometimes they don’t. This was something else that I couldn’t figure out. On the plus side, things can be funny at times. Hackley was told to keep a diary, so instead of doing that, he makes a vlog. Sometimes shots from his vlog are cut into what is happening in his life so we get his personal thoughts that he doesn’t express in person. Like his boss gives his rival the employee of the month award and we will see his vlog of his saying something like “Say what?!?” This doesn’t always work, but when it does, it goes off well. The interaction between Hackley and his boss, rival or his best friend at the office can also be funny at times. The only real plot that Fun With Hackley offers is when Hackley feels like he has fallen in love with a woman he is supposed to kill. In order to figure out if he should or not, he follows her around trying to find reasons to kill her. Does she do drugs? Does she like sex? Think horror movie rules that the first Scream movie pointed out.

Despite using the “what happens to movie villains after they are no longer popular” theme, Fun With Hackley doesn’t really offer up anything as far as effects go. The kills always happen just off screen or we just see Hackley dumping a dead body without seeing how he killed the person. The masks that people wear are pretty cool at least. They may not always look like what we know how they should look, but you get the point just fine. The acting wasn’t too bad actually. Allen Hackley does a great job with the lead role. I don’t think we ever see his face, as he is always wearing a hockey mask, but he still does a great job expressing himself. Most of the actors who play employees at RKS are pretty good. There are a few who don’t do a whole lot, just kind of standing around while a scene plays out for other actors. Michelle Ellen Jones plays the part of the love interest. Trey Huguley plays the part of the office manager, Hackley’s boss. Owen Egerton just plays a strange character where he goes around putting things down his pants. While it sounds stupid, it was actually kind of funny at times. Kerry Beyer plays Hackley’s best friend at work.

Being a comedy, maybe I was taking things a little too seriously. I suppose the killers coming back to life is just a horror movie cliché. This is true, but since everything was being placed in the “real world”...I just couldn’t figure out why this kept happening. See, there I go again taking it seriously. Even if I am, there were other horror/comedy movies being shown over the weekend that I thought were much better than this one. Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer isn’t a film that I thought was a bad film, it just didn’t click with me is all. The people that I watched it with had some good laughs at times, even when I didn’t find something funny. I don’t think it funny to everyone, but everyone has their own tastes, which I totally get. I have no idea if this movie has been released yet, as no one from the film was present for the screening. Even so, if this sounds like a movie that you would enjoy, then I hope you find it more enjoyable than I did. Even though I didn’t get into it much, I still had fun watching it and would likely watch it again if I ran across it.

2 out of 5 How I wish all offices worked this way

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  • Vale: I liked the Office tv shows, both the British and US (although the British is better) but I did find it annoying at times. I think I’ll try to see this just because of that :)
  • Fun With Hackley: Thanks for checking the film out!
  • mermaidheather: Thanks for screening it! Any news on when it will be out?

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