Trying to find an old horror movie about a family and a haunted house

i've looked every where and i'm desperate, dont know many details about the movie cause i heard it from my older sister, and the only thing that she remember was the scene where the woman (wife) was coming home from grocery shopping and she called out for her mother (or mother in law) and she responded with a very creepy voice calling the wife name (dont know her name) and when the wife went to check on the room where the voice was coming from, she found a dark mist demonic thing standing there making weird voices and whispers, she than screamed and ran away.

that's all we know, but in summary there was a dark mist demon/ghost haunting the house i think, its a very old movie maybe in the 70s or 80s i've been looking for it for a very long time now
thank you in advance

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The Haunted (1991)

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Yes, The Haunted with Sally Kirkland.

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