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Movies where a woman is ripped or eaten in half
Credit for this post goes to A Guy. Axe Giant: Girl cut in half with a giant axe (vertically). Piranha 3D: Bikini-clad gal cut in half by a wire. Evil Aliens: Girl gets her legs ripped off at ...
by Vale
Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)
Despite wanting to get more reviews in, I have yet to do that. Ah well, life is like that sometimes, you know? I'm good at keeping promises to others, but not so good at doing it for myself. I made ...
by mermaidheather
Plank Face (2016)
I plan on going to see the new Blair Witch movie either today or tomorrow, so I will get that review up next. In the meantime, I am still working on reviews from the convention I went to last ...
by mermaidheather
Killing Poe (2015)
I finished Friday night with a very late movie that I just barely managed to stay awake for. If you into really gory films, you need to check out my review for the film Headless. Even though I was ...
by mermaidheather
Horror stories in two lines - Who would believe that so few can scare so many
Check this out - Reddit asked their users, "What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences." Anyone who thinks it's hard to scare with a small number of words is invited to ...
by Molly Bain
Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)
It had been a long day Friday, but that was my own fault. Thursday night I went to see Paranormal Activity 3 around 10pm. I usually go to be around 9:30pm on a work night, which Thursday night was. ...
by mermaidheather
A Wish For The Dead (2014)
After the late movie Friday day, which was the film Time To Kill, I headed back to my hotel room to meet up with my friend that had come down to spend the day with me Saturday. To my surprise, she ...
by mermaidheather
The Quiet Ones (2014)
MV5BMzM5OTQxNTQwNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjE4NzMxMTE@._V1_SX214_AL_ (1).jpg
This has been a really slow month for me as far as reviews go. I haven't had a lot of free time to watch movies, much less write about them. Even when I'm not at work, I'm still doing work stuff. I ...
by mermaidheather
Plan Z (2016)
Alright my little friends, I've had a busy and expensive weekend...but what a blast! I was off to HorrorHound Weekend Friday and I'm just finishing up my second day there. I took a good sized ...
by mermaidheather
Get Out (2017)
I've been trying to work myself out of a reviewing slump I have been in for a while now. I'm a little worried about it since I haven't been in this bad of one since I started doing reviews. It ...
by mermaidheather
Horror movies based on true stories
The story of Anneliese Michel inspired the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" Credit for this post goes to msvick66. "Silence of the Lambs" is a composite of the serial killers Ed Gein (as ...
by msvick66
I'm sick..... please, don't help.
Ok, I'll admit it. I'm one sick puppy. 1.My idea of a lullaby is a scary movie set on continuous play. One of my old stand bys is Day of the Dead starring my very favorite zombie, Bub. (Or ...
The Uninvited
Image result for the uninvited 1988
Much kitty, so smile. See, now this is a stinker in a whole different way. I knew going in that this was going to be 80's dumbness at it's best... and this is what I got. For free. How this movie ...
What is your "Bad" Movie?
Am I grown up now? I have been getting into bars for twenty-two years now, I have a wife and two kids, but when I see a preview for a new horror movie that is coming out I still feel like I am ...
by Deadbydusk
Croczilla (2013)
Lately on my main blog I have been watching films from other countries for the most part. Most of the films have been from Japan, but one from some other country sneaks in there as well. I was ...
by mermaidheather
The Witch (2016)
I thought about waiting until tomorrow to go see The Witch, but I have been waiting to see this one for a good while now. I didn't want to wait another day to go see it. This was another movie, ...
by mermaidheather
Blood Glacier (2013)
Saturday night saw an end of things with the film House Of The Witchdoctor. Getting back to my room after, I watched Hangover 3 on and off while I worked on my first review. Once both was over, it ...
by mermaidheather
Devil (2010)
As I promised, my second review for this week. If you are like me at all, then you probably have watched a movie or two by M. Night Shyamalan's movies. Since his break out hit The Sixth Sense, just ...
by mermaidheather
KILD TV Giveaway
One last giveaway to go for now! Sorry for the delay on this. I wrote down the names of those who entered the giveaway for the Harvest Lake BluRay, and since I disqualified ZombieDawn from entering ...
by mermaidheather
Case 39 (2009)
I woke up in time today to take a shower and hit the early show for Case 39 today. Early reports are saying that Social Network is leading the weekend box office by a lot over Let Me In and Case 39. ...
by mermaidheather
V/H/S (2012)
Hopefully I am back now. I was having some problems saving my work here, but it appears to be fixed now. Before I tried to see if I could write here again, I went through a move. I bought my very ...
by mermaidheather
ZomBcon 2011 is here!
Tomorrow night marks the beginning of my Zombie Adventure for this year!! We have a room at the Hilton, where I'm sure that through the course of the night, I'll be seeing all sorts of undead ...
American Horror Story (Tv)
Who is the man behind the mask? My boyfriend has given me the gift of cable tv and with that comes the unheard of tech of DVR..... I am completely smitten. I have always hated the idea of ...
Megan Is Missing (2011)
A couple of weeks ago I was reading a recent review over at The Death Throne about a movie called Megan Is Missing. The blog is run by a good friend of mine, so I try to read all the reviews that he ...
by mermaidheather
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)
In case I don't get another review in soon, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful day with lots of great presents, and if you are going to be traveling, stay ...
by mermaidheather
The Last House On Cemetery Lane (2015)
The weekend is here at last. It was actually an extended weekend for me since I had Friday off from work as well. Needed a day to get taxes and stuff done. Doesn't take very long really, but it was ...
by mermaidheather
Spring (2014)
I'm off to a slow start when it comes to watching movies this month. I've been swamped with meetings at work, which have made me get home late at times, so I haven't had much time to sit and watch ...
by mermaidheather
Final Girl (2015)
I wasn't sure what to review for this week, so I went looking on Netflix for something to watch on the fly. The film Final Girl had been added recently, so I decided on it. I was curious about it ...
by mermaidheather
You like ice cream, Doc?
"Don't worry mom. I know all about CAN-NI-BALS. I saw it on tv." Little Danny Torrance knows a lot more, too. He has a special gift that shows him things. Things he really doesn't want to see. ...
Spiral (2007)
With no new movies out this week that I wanted to watch, I decided to go through Netflix to see what I might want to watch through their Instant Watch there. Now that things have settled down from ...
by mermaidheather
The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) (2015)
I'm a bit behind on my writing lately. I've been having a good vacation, and have been getting stuff done so far that I wanted to get done. I wasn't real worried about getting reviews done, but I ...
by mermaidheather
The Purge (2013)
Now and then a movie comes along that I can get non-horror fans interested in. The Purge was one such film. From talking about it with other people, the basic idea for the movie was enough to get ...
by mermaidheather
Would You Take Your Kid's To A Horror Movie?
I have been reading a lot of bloggers lately, that speak about watching horror movies with there parents at really young ages. At fist I thought it unusual verging on neglectful but it seems that ...
by Ruth
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014)
Netflix has been stepping up its game lately. At least with the horror movies. The last few months have seen the likes of Starry Eyes, The Babadook, and now A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. All ...
by mermaidheather
Zombie Night (2013)
Hello, hello. Is this thing on? Sorry I have been away for so long this time. I got in a bit of a funk for writing reviews and was ready to call it quits. When I started telling people this, they ...
by mermaidheather
The Babadook
Samuel is a bit of a handful for his long suffering mother, Amelia. He is prone to acts of violence at school, pushing girls out of tree houses and screaming things repeatedly to gain his mother's ...
So, here it is March and I find myself wondering how the heck time has gone by so fast and so relentless without giving me so much as a warning shot. I feel the guilt fueled need to write something ...
Call Girl Of Cthulhu (2014)
The second film that I watched at the convention is one I reviewed at my own blog. I ended up watching just six of the films being screened out of the ten that they had listed. Two of the four I ...
by mermaidheather
Over, done with, gone
So, I think I spent more time in the chair than I did roaming the con, but I came away happy. I'm only going to post pics of things I have something positive to say about.... I think I may have come ...
Devil's Due (2014)
I'm a bit behind on my movie watching lately. There was a new horror film that came out this weekend, but I had yet to make it out to see Devil's Due. So, I went out yesterday to check it out. I ...
by mermaidheather

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