The Uninvited

Image result for the uninvited 1988 Much kitty, so smile.

See, now this is a stinker in a whole different way. I knew going in that this was going to be 80’s dumbness at it’s best... and this is what I got. For free. How this movie starts out really had me laughing. It looks like a couple of vets are about to perform an operation on a cat because it may have a tumor... or something. As they are about to sedate the cat, it jumps off of the table and flees. Suddenly, the music gets super intense and the doctor picks up the phone “Code Red, ST-618 has escaped, RADIATION SECURITY!!”. Ok, so now we know they aren’t vets. And this isn’t just ANY cat. Bu bu bu bummmmmm!!!

We see the cat running away from it’s pursuers. Well, the cat is little more than sauntering... and the pursuers must just be lazy or they enjoy the run and chase me game because they don’t appear to be in any hurry, either. I love the clear shots we get of the kitty’s face. It’s clearly not making a sound, yet the overlaid track has hisses and cat yowls a-plenty. The cat is finally cornered, and one of the men in non functioning radiation suits shoots the cat. They get closer and the cute little kitty that looks like this:

Image result for the uninvited 1988

Suddenly looks like this:

Image result for the uninvited 1988

Seamless transformation, honestly.

So, kitty slays the men off camera and we are treated to warning signs being slapped with copious amounts of blood. This is so fun and I’m not even joking. I’ve found my soul movie. So, we’re getting the jist. Dangerous cat with a demon living in its face escapes a facility. Cat finds refuge in the company of 2 women, who look great in bathing suits, who also have no idea of the hell they have just welcomed into their lives. The ladies and 5 men find themselves on a yacht that suffers engine problems and is now dead in the water. How long until the true nature of cat becomes apparent and they realize just the amount of danger they are actually in? I mean, this soundtrack and endless meowing from a cat whose mouth never opens is just the sort of movie that could end your career.

Image result for the uninvited 1988 Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

I’m wondering how much of a threat this kitty really is though. He doesn’t seem to be a danger unless he’s cornered, you spit wine in his face or he witnesses domestic violence... This demon seems pretty much under wraps, otherwise. His morals are pretty sound. I’m sure there’s a way to coexist.

Take a look at the flick if you’re in to cheese like this as much as I am.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • ZOMBIEDAWN: I’m rewatching a scene right now and I really wanna steal a scene here. A character keeps saying "I got the poison in my blood!" sooooo many times. I wanna make a rock video with this!!
  • Vale: Hahaha, how did you find this?
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: Just poring through Amazon, haha!!
  • mermaidheather: They do have some very low budget films on their Prime service.
  • Vale: I don’t have Prime, I guess I’ll just skip this one :D
  • mark: I actually watched this movie for the first time a couple weeks ago. total hunk of velveeta! how does a cat unscrew a vent screen to escape?
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: Right?! So much to critique in this movie... I think that was part of the fun!

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