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Friday, my friend and I ventured to the theater to see the latest installment of TCM. It was a last minute plan for the both of us. I was getting out of a project of clearing out the entire lower level of my house. We’ve been there since March of last year, so you can imagine, it’s accumulated quite a few things..... Well. So I get to the theater and she’s not there yet, so I make my way to the video game corner and start playing the Need for Speed game. It kicked my butt. Then I played House of the Dead. I always get stopped up at the point where the frogs and pollywogs come out.... by the time my friend Erin got there, I was playing a Terminator game. She put in her tokens and we both took on the machines together.

We got our a$$es handed to us, so after loading up on popcorn and soda we head back to the theater. You ever have those religious moments when the planets seem to align and everything is going JUST RIGHT? Well this was one of those moments.

The theater was empty. I was so elated, I threw my arms wide and yelled ” Yes! I can be WHOEVER I want to be!” You know what I mean. Watching scary movies, or any movie in a crowded theater can, at times, be kind of a bummer. You get so irritated about the folks sitting around you infringing on your experience that you paid top dollar for (yelling, loud conversations during key moments of the movie) ..... but then you need to be on your best behavior so you don’t turn into one of those people. Oh... you don’t know? Ahem.

Well, I was so happy that I even acted out the cheesy roller coaster intro for the cinema. I’m shaking the seats yelling when we take off and reacting to the sudden drops because it is, after all, 3D.

So Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D was pretty solid. They pulled some punches with the gore but hey, it worked. The lead girl was pretty cute and believable. What I didn’t know going into this one was that we pick up where the last movie left off. With Sally Hardesty getting away in the back of a pick up truck. The local sheriff responds to the crazy house to deal with the long standing problem of the Sawyer family. He is the first on the scene and it seems like he has it all under control. Then the local lynch mob shows up with their own idea of justice in mind. Armed with rifles and molotovs, they take down the Sawyers.

Or so they thought. One of the mob makes his way to the back of the property and finds a young mother cradling her baby and begging for help. Oh he helps her alright. With a boot to the face. He takes the last Sawyer baby as a gift to his barren wife. The rest is history.

Until years later young Heather receives word that her grandmother has died. Grandmother Sawyer. And she’s left her with quite the inheritance. An inheritance of burden. She heads to the old homestead with a few of her friends. Of course she does. We need a body count!

I really dug this movie being a fan of the franchise. Check it out. I had a lot of fun watching it with my friend in the empty theater. I only wish you could experience it the same way.... With old Jed sitting right behind you!

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  • mermaidheather: You beat me to it. Hope you don’t mind if I put my own review up as well. Btw, nice to see you back doing reviews again! :)
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: OH MAN!! I’m sorry! Yeah, please put up a review. It’s bound to be more in depth than mine! :-) I do hope to be back more frequently than I have been. I’ve missed it.
  • mermaidheather: No need to be sorry about it. No reason we both can’t review the same movie, right? :)
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: Are you going to go out and see Mama this weekend?
  • mermaidheather: If I have the money go to. Would love to hear your thoughts if you go.

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