ragini_mms_ver3.jpgVery sorry I haven’t done a review here for around a month now. I haven’t been doing all that many reviews, but the ones I have done I did over at my main blog. I decided it was past time that I got one done for here though. A while back I said I had a movie in mind for here, but by then a bunch of movies had come out in the theater that I wanted to watch and review. While looking for films to watch, I came across a movie called Ragini MMS. This is a film that was done in the lost footage style and from what I had been reading, it was supposed to be one of the better ones. I went out of my way to find it, but in the end, I was pretty disappointed.

Uday (Raj Kumar Yadav) and his girlfriend Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) are heading to an old farm house for a weekend getaway. They plan on being alone, and well...having some fun together. Things don’t get off to a good start when they discover that bugs have invaded the food they carried in with them. Things get worse when some friends show up for the same reason they are there. While some strange things have been happening before the friends get there, things pick up once they are there. It gets so bad that the friends end up leaving, not that Uday and Ragini mind that. When Uday decides to play around and handcuff Ragini to the bed though, well lets say that whatever is causing things to go bad decides to make its move.

Ragini MMS is a first for me since this movie was released by India. I’m pretty sure this makes the first film I have watched from there, even though they can rival Hollywood in films being made. The film is interesting in how it keeps the lost footage feel going. It starts off with Uday and Ragini filming each other, which they do throughout the film. But once in the house that goes away somewhat. It is discovered that the house is rigged with all kinds of hidden cameras. I never found out why, but other reviews say it is to catch any naughty business that is going on in the house. Actually there was a lot of things that I missed in the plot. Like I didn’t know that the ghost that was causing things to move, like doors and such, was actually a witch. Or maybe it was the ghost of a witch. It is hard for me to say for sure since the subtitles are sporadic at best. At first I thought this was because the actors are speaking English, as I was catching them doing at times. I thought maybe they were speaking too fast for me to really understand what they were saying. But there was a very long stretch where the subtitles never came up, or very little, only to show up towards the end of the film. I still had a basic understanding of what was going on, even if I had no idea what was being said most of the time. Whoever provided the subtitles didn’t do all that great of a job with them anyway. There was a few times when what was said in subtitles didn’t make any sense. I don’t know if the person who did them speaks English very often, but it didn’t seem like it. I hate to say that I didn’t like Ragini MMS because of the subtitle issue, but that was the case really. It gets frustrating, and rather boring, when you can’t understand anything being said.

There wasn’t much to be found as far as special effects go. It has been a little while since I watched Ragini MMS, but nothing stands out in my mind. Even if it has been a while since I watched a movie, effects will stand out to me if there was something I wanted to talk about in a review. The acting seemed to be pretty good. From reading other reviews, it seemed that most enjoyed the acting by the two leads, which I have to agree with. Even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying the majority of the time, I thought that both leads were still doing a good job of acting. I don’t have anything to base their acting off of, other movies they have done, but I still thought that they were doing fine.

As you can see, I don’t have a whole lot to say about Ragini MMS. I wish I had more to talk about since I haven’t done a review here in a while now. Hopefully that will change soon. Anyway, I would love to give this movie another shot with some proper subtitles. I don’t think it would improve the movie a lot, but maybe it would make it more interesting at the very least. It was funny, to me at least, that whenever the witch would talk, subtitles would come up, but they weren’t in English. Just my luck, you know? I hate to call the film itself bad, but I really don’t think it would be much better even if I had known what was going on. For example, there are some guys who show up late in the film, hear Ragini screaming in the house but they can’t find a way in. What happens to them after that was a mystery to me. Did they give up and leave? Did the witch do something to them? As far as I could tell from the film, they complain about not being able to find a way in, it cuts back to Ragini and we never see the guys again. Things like that can really annoy me. If you wish to seek this one out, then good luck. It is very hard to find. Hopefully a better copy will make its way to the market though. I wouldn’t really suggest trying to find it until then, unless you happen to understand Hindi.

2 out of 5 The wicked witch of India isn’t very scary

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