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Jamie Lee is what started my obsession with the scream queens. Unbeknownst to me, as a kid I’d memorize word for word all the lines by females.... I’d act it all out with the exception of the male lines. Don’t get me wrong, guys are cool, too. But add actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Adrienne Barbeau, and more recent beauties like Radha Mitchell, Milla Jovovich and Sheri Moon Zombie to name just a few... they are after all called Scream Queens, right?

I think the Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises kinda had me warped for what was to be expected as a teenager. I thought I’d be partying every day, having all kinds of sex and just going crazy and being a dumb kid. By right, it’s what you do!..... it wasn’t that way, AT ALL, so I guess that’s why I holed up in my living room watching this stuff through high school!! Haha, that’s ok, I ended up better for it and blossomed a little later on in life. (Without all the craziness)

Moving forward.

So, my friend, and better blogger, mermaidheather tells me about a con where she just might get the chance to meet THE Jamie Lee Curtis.... Would I want an autograph, she asks.


I play it cool. I’m the picture of cool. Eh, yeah sure. If you feel like it, I say. Eye roll. Yawn.

Well, you know that’s a load of cr@p. I groveled, begged and declared my undying love for the one to bring me a JLC autograph. I was in heaven. All I could think about for days, weeks was laying my hands on this peice of Jamie memorabilia. I rewatched The Fog and Halloween and thought about how great it would be to actually be in the same SPACE as this lady.... Come on, she’s cool, right? So you get it. I was obsessed.

Oh, Jamie.

So, the time has come and I receive that much awaited message on tophorror. From mermaidheather. All my eyes see are these words:

You are going to kill me. No really.”

I knew at that moment, it was too good to be true. Jamie and I were never meant to be. I can’t have nice things. Going on with Heather’s message she tells me that after waiting what seemed forever in line, she realized that they had no flash for fans to buy for the sigs. In a panic, understandably, she rushes to another table that has photos. She heroicly buys 2 for her and I and rushes back to the line to get our bounty. Then my world comes crashing down with the next declaration from JLC’s handlers..... lol, handlers.

Jamie will not be signing any more today. Too bad. So sad. Buh-bye.

Mermaidheather was so nice.... she even apologized for being unable to get the sigs..... When she was the one to offer and when I already owe her so much. Like, a lot. She wanted to buy furniture but she bought tickets for her and I to have Jamie’s pic signed and proudly perched in our homes. (God, I’m the biggest dork.)

So, she apologizes but she still sends me the pic that she had planned to have JLC sign. Hey, that’s cool.

The delivery takes forever to receive, because I don’t get off work until 4pm and the delivery guy always came around 2pm. The day that was declared “THE LAST DAY” they would attempt delivery, I missed them again!! I hop in the car, drive down to the processing facility with a bit of finger shaking in mind and some “how dare you’s”. Of course, I do nothing of the sort. The truck that has my package is not at the facility yet, but they will give me a bonus “ONE LAST DAY” and we make an arrangement for a time. PHEW!

So here we are, the next day. I had the day off, so I was bound to be there at the time they dropped off. The delivery guy gets there with my package and I tear into it. I can’t wait to see what photo she got. She always has the protective sleeves with the photos.... I can never seem to find them at the cons. Maybe Heather buys em on her own, I dunno. So I open it up and it’s a photo of Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Adkins from The Fog.

Ok, well it’s not this one. I’ll have to post it up when I get the chance. Oh. Another interesting little tidbit.

The photo was signed. By. Both. Of. Them.

This is my “Oh my god I’m so happy I could cry!” face.

I screamed it out for anyone who could hear. “She lied to me!! Mermaidheather lied to me! Isn’t she awesome?!?!”

I’m still trying to figure out what to do for someone who has given you a huge dream come true as far as dorky film memorabilia.... If anyone has some insight or ideas, I’d sure like to hear them. Hey, MH. Thanks, I really, really, really (infinity) appreciate it. And also:

Well played. Very well played.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • jade: Yes, very well played indeed. I would have been so thrilled and mad at the same time if I were in your shoes :-)
  • mermaidheather: Not sure how many times I have read this now. Not trying to pat myself on the back or anything. It just brings a thrill to me when I can make someone else so happy. I’m very glad you like the picture.
    While I did lie, just a little bit, it did end up being a lot of work getting her autograph for the both of us. It was well worth it though. We both got a very cool picture to hang up, and you got the scream! I hope that was a good thing at least lol.
    About the sleeves, there is usually someone at the cons selling them. I didn’t see any this last time though, but then again, there wasn’t anyone selling photos either. I’ve been able to get them usually 2 for $5 or something like that.
  • Sigi: What a wonderful surprise! That’s a great gift . It would be nice if you could post the actual autographed picture.
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: I surely will. Maybe I’ll put up all the pics and sigs I’ve gotten via Mermaidheather.... They’re kind of a big deal, haha! Well, they are to me!

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