What is your "Bad" Movie?
... ars for twenty-two years now, I have a wife and two kids, but when I see a preview for a new horror movie that is coming out I still feel like I am twelve years old. I feel that flutter in my ...
by Deadbydusk
Would You Take Your Kid's To A Horror Movie?
I have been reading a lot of bloggers lately, that speak about watching horror movies with there parents at really young ages. At fist I thought it unusual verging on neglectful but it seems that ...
by Ruth
Horror movie list that u cant miss.. :)
Hey guys first blog - wanna tell u my opinion why i love horror movies in a quick way just love to get scared i hate when people are recomenting old movies that arent scared those days in theyr ...
by icecorey
Re: A blind woman is stalked in her home by a killer
Whoop. Think I just found my movie. She's blonde and blue eyes. Jennifer 8. Just have to watch the movie to see if it ends the same way as the movie in my head did. If not the search will still be ...
Symbolism of the color red in the movie "The Sixth Sense"
If you didn't know it already... the color red in the movie "The Sixth Sense" was used to symbolize a connection between the living and the spirit world. Can you name at least 3 items in the movie ...
by Vale
Movies where a woman is ripped or eaten in half
I just realized it's just women getting sliced or pulled apart so Hatchet don't favorite movie slice scenes are of men so I have nothing..
by PillowShark
Lifetime Movie about a creepy guy secretly living in home through passageways, walls, trap doors...
... h secret passageways and trap doors and walls etc. It shows many secret compartments throughout the movie that only this guy ...
by Orig1nalG
Woman wakes up and something is in the bed with her
I am trying to identify a movie/trailer where a woman wakes up to her cell phone ringing and it is her husband whom she thinks is in bed, realizing that it is not her husband in the bed the camera ...
by FrogDog
Peelers (2016)
I'm inching closer to getting my convention reviews done. I have actually kicked my writing up a gear over the last couple of days in order to push through these reviews. Not that I mind writing ...
by mermaidheather
Re: Tell me every scary movie with a nun in it...
i have this movie in my head-it's about nuns selling babies when the women have just delivered them and there is a particular woman who finds out about it and tries to get away from the nuns and ...
by kimberly
Croczilla (2013)
... to watch for here. There are plenty of zombie films to be found, but since I just watched a zombie movie last time, I wanted something different. I almost went with a paranormal film, since I love ...
by mermaidheather
Re: European zombie Movie from 07-10
Nah neither of those. Wow I can't believe this is so hard to find. It actually was a pretty decent zombie movie.
by StoneyX51
Re: my name is Jesse. i heard of a movie made in the late 70s ea...
I don't know that I am buying into this. I have never heard of a movie that was only shown once because of how graphic it was. The only time I have heard anything like this happens to be a plot to a ...
by mermaidheather
Looking for a movie about a girl kidnapped in the woods
Hi, I'm looking for an old movie about a girl running in the woods who has been kidnapped and tortured by a psycho man living in the forest. Any help please to find the name of the movie?
by Hanane
I saw this movie where the daughter was raped so her father kidnaps the boy...
I saw this movie where the daughter was raped so her father kidnaps the boy who raped his daughter and surgically turned boy into a girl and made her his lover. What is the name of the movie?
by Guest
Re: Which classic horror movie features a female lead character who is a "femin...
I want to say "Dracula's Daughter"(1936), but I thought she was after a man in this movie.
by The Stranger
Re: What horror movie is about a house killing people?
This looks more like the movie that I was thinking of. Thanks so much.
by Hazel
old movie where the house is alive and and white film
old movie where the house is alive and and white film
by Guest
A Wish For The Dead (2014)
After the late movie Friday day, which was the film Time To Kill, I headed back to my hotel room to meet up with my friend that had come down to spend the day with me Saturday. To my surprise, she ...
by mermaidheather
Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)
... 0pm. I usually go to be around 9:30pm on a work night, which Thursday night was. So by going to the movie, I was staying up way past my bedtime. Even though I was feeling tired, I made it through the ...
by mermaidheather
Killing Poe (2015)
I finished Friday night with a very late movie that I just barely managed to stay awake for. If you into really gory films, you need to check out my review for the film Headless. Even though I was ...
by mermaidheather
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)
... fully. I don't think I would want to be out today trying to shop. Anyway, I thought about renting a movie for this review, but since I'm trying to save money to make sure I have my bills covered for ...
by mermaidheather
Can't find movie name
I watched the first part of this movie and was really interested in it. I couldn't watch it all, so I never did find the name. It starts off with a girl being chased by somene wearing mittens. ...
by queenofhearts
The Funhouse Massacre (2015)
I have surprised myself at how quickly I'm getting these reviews punched out. I managed to get just over half of them done in a week. I just have four more to get to after this one. After I got ...
by mermaidheather
Spring (2014)
I'm off to a slow start when it comes to watching movies this month. I've been swamped with meetings at work, which have made me get home late at times, so I haven't had much time to sit and watch ...
by mermaidheather
Megan Is Missing (2011)
A couple of weeks ago I was reading a recent review over at The Death Throne about a movie called Megan Is Missing. The blog is run by a good friend of mine, so I try to read all the reviews that he ...
by mermaidheather
I am trying to find an old movie about a giant monster which is being trans...
I am trying to find an old movie about a giant monster which is being transferred by a tying under a helicopter. He then breaks out and later there is a scene where he gives a fish to a girl
by Guest
Final Girl (2015)
... cently, so I decided on it. I was curious about it because it came out right around the time as the movie Final Girls. Despite the titles being close, their plots are completely different. Final ...
by mermaidheather
Blood Glacier (2013)
Saturday night saw an end of things with the film House Of The Witchdoctor. Getting back to my room after, I watched Hangover 3 on and off while I worked on my first review. Once both was over, it ...
by mermaidheather
Devil (2010)
... omised, my second review for this week. If you are like me at all, then you probably have watched a movie or two by M. Night Shyamalan's movies. Since his break out hit The Sixth Sense, just about ...
by mermaidheather
KILD TV Giveaway
... pened to be...Eric! Congrats yet again Eric. So, for this giveaway I'm offering up a BluRay of the movie KILD TV, which won best picture and best actor awards at the convention. The picture above is ...
by mermaidheather
Case 39 (2009)
... ing Let Me In this weekend, but I wasn't so sure about Case 39. I'm not getting paid to go see this movie in order to review it, but I still feel a little obligated to do a write up for it. I ...
by mermaidheather
I'm sick..... please, don't help.
Ok, I'll admit it. I'm one sick puppy. 1.My idea of a lullaby is a scary movie set on continuous play. One of my old stand bys is Day of the Dead starring my very favorite zombie, Bub. (Or ...
V/H/S (2012)
... n I will have time to catch them at the theater. For now I decided to kick things off here with the movie V/H/S, which has been getting a lot of good buzz around the horror blogs. A group of guys ...
by mermaidheather
Re: What is the movie ...a girl hits a homeless man and drives h...
Didn't she just leave him to die on the side of the road in Creepshow 2? There are a few movies that come close to what the description is for. Hit & Run is a movie that comes to my mind, but the guy ...
by mermaidheather
Black Rock (2012)
... t. If I answered three questions correctly about their service, I got $6 off one of their on-demand movies. I took it, and got the coupon. Most of their movies are $5 for a 2 day rental, but then I ...
by mermaidheather

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