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Need Name Of Movie....

All I can remember about this movie is a woman going into the attic where she finds an old television, which comes on automatically and a man speaks to her. This happens every time she goes there an eventually he gains her trust an she assists him in getting out of the tv. This movie had to be from the 1960's or 1970's ........

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In a way it reminds me of this episode that came on one of the old anthology shows--either Tales of the Darkside or Night Gallery. This woman would get talked to by what looked like the old arcade style video game by a man inside it. It's been so long I don't recall exactly if it was a video game like that or a TV or where she was, but attic or basement seems possible. It was very weird.

This part I remember very well, the actress who played the woman was the actress who played Nancy's mother in the original Nightmare On Elm Street. I'm positive about that and also that it was one of the sort of Twilight Zone copies, which would fit your estimated time period.

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TY for responding but that is not it. The mans face would show up fully in the tv and i'm thinking that the show/movie was in black and white. I remember the attic/basement being very foggy/dusty and everytime she would go in there his face would appear on that tv screen.

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