Deliver Us From Evil (2014)


I was a little surprised to learn that Deliver Us From Evil would be coming out now. This is usually a time for the bigger movies, and horror tends to come out just before or right after this period. I’m not complaining though. It is nice to have a reason to go to the theater. It did come at a bad time for me though. I helped a friend out, which left me with no money. Since said friend has only paid me back a little bit of money, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go check this one out. I had just enough to go though, and in truth, I’m glad I did. I needed to get out of the house for a bit.

Sarchie (Eric Bana) is a police officer for New York City. When we first meet him, he is trying to save a baby’s life that was found in a dumpster and is unable to do so. Sarchie and his partner are then called out to a domestic violence call, which has to do with a former marine and his wife. They also decide to check out a crime where a woman threw her child into a pit to keep lions in their enclosure. While she appears very crazy now, they eventually discover that it has something to do with a guy, who was also a marine. As it turns out, the woman’s husband was in the same unit as the other two, but what is going on? Sarchie meets Father Mendoza (Édgar Ramírez) who believes that something more evil is the root cause, something demonic.

Director Scott Derrickson isn’t a stranger when it comes to horror. With movies such as Hellraiser: Inferno, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and Sinister, it is easy to see why I was looking forward to Deliver Us From Evil. The trailer went a long ways as well. The more recent ones, now that the film has been released, I think give too much away. The trailers before the release though made me very curious about it. This was a bit of an odd film for me. It very much boarders on being more a cop drama than a horror film with plenty of action at times. The film opens with a short sequence set in Iraq, which leads one to wonder where that will go. I would have liked that the writers would have expanded on what happened there a little more than they did, but we get the basics for it. The movie often slows down as we get some back story and/or explanations for what is going on. While I greatly appreciated the character development, I had to admit that it slowed the pace down a bit too much at times. Sarchie is also having a bit of a tough time at home, bringing his problems from the job home with him. Being close to the job, I understand that. It is an easy thing to do at times. The horror part comes around when Sarchie starts hearing things, and even seeing things, that no one else does. This is eventually explained, but again I wished they had gone deeper into it. And of course there is the way that the possession is dealt with. I wouldn’t say that it is scary compared to other films that have an exorcism in it, but it was still intense. One thing that surprised me was Sarchie’s daughter. With the things going on with her, I had no idea why she would still want to sleep in her room.

The effects aren’t many, but aren’t too bad. I really liked the look they gave the main guy that Sarchie and Mendoza end up being after. He may not say much, but he had one creepy look to him. There is some blood to be found, but it isn’t all that gory. We do get flies coming out of an eyeball, and a cat that would have been right at home in Cannibal Holocaust. There was some pretty cool stuff to be found. The acting was also good. I enjoyed the two leads. Both of them seemed to take their roles seriously, and for me it really showed. Olivia Munn plays the part of Bana’s on screen wife, while Lulu Wilson plays the part of their daughter. Joel McHale played the part of Bana’s partner.

Deliver Us From Evil is inspired by a book by the real life Sarchie. The book itself just talks about the strange cases that Sarchie was apart of while he worked for the NYPD. The movie version of course expands on things more than the book does, which is probably why they stuck the “inspired by” label on it. I never take the “true story” tag all that seriously, and sort of wish people would just ignore it instead of complain about it. Even though I enjoyed Deliver Us From Evil, I didn’t love it. It was close, but I did feel the pace slowed down a little too much, and too often. It is still a good film though. It hasn’t done all that great at the box office, but I would still encourage all of you to give a shot. If not at the theater, at least check it out once it hits DVD. It may not be the best exorcism film out there, but it still works. As for the whole Exorcist meets Seven, after seeing Deliver Us From Evil, I get where that came from. It isn’t really fair to compare it to two such well know, and better, films.

3 out of 5 I hope my cats don’t meet that fate

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  • Vale: I heard of this one and was wondering if it was any good! I kind of like cop dramas, so I think I’ll check it out :)
  • mermaidheather: If you watch it, make sure to let me know how you liked it!
  • Vale: I will :)
  • ZOMBIEDAWN: Ditto on all points!
  • Vale: I finally got around to seeing this one! I actually really liked it and would give it a 4 out of 5. I wouldn’t say it’s a horror film, more of a thriller.
  • mermaidheather: Nice that you would rate it so high! IMDb using a 10 point scale to rate movies, but when I started my own blog, I decided on a 5 point system instead. It makes it more simple I think. Anyway, let me know if you catch up with any other films I’ve reviewed!
  • Vale: I will! Slowly, slowly I making my way through the list... :)

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