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Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) by mermaidheather
When I first heard the news of a new Underworld film, by way of a trailer, I told a good friend about it. A few days after my dad passed away, my friend came over to check on me. I was fine but didn't want to go anywhere to hang out, so we ...
I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (2016) by mermaidheather
Merry Christmas everyone! I'm sorry I haven't had any reviews up recently. I ran into a publishing problem and my computer went on the blink for a bit there. I never knew when my computer would blue screen on me, so I just did reviews at my main ...
The Trap (2015) by mermaidheather

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We have added mobile support for the blog editor. While it's not optimal to write blog posts on mobiles, it can certainly be helpful when you identify on your blog something you want to ...
by admin - 18 hours ago
I saw the trailer. It looks like something worth seeing. :thumb-up:
by jade - 1 day ago
it was a very old movie but it was colored i can't exactly remember it what i remember is a demon searching for 5 or 6 or 7 keys to open sarcophagus (ancient boxes) by deceiving a group of ...
by Guest - 6 hours ago
So, I went to go check out the new horror film The Bye Bye Man and ended up sitting in wet pants the whole time. I got my popcorn and drink all ready to go and sat down to watch the ...
by mermaidheather - 7 hours ago
Thank you Bjones.
by The Stranger - 12 hours ago
Here is the entire movie from Youtube. https://youtu.be/c4GGUoOssr0
by The Stranger - 14 hours ago
A movie that ends with a guy getting stuck in the midsection by a pitchfork when the man follows his young love and her country family kills him at the end. 1970's??
by Bjones - 1 day ago

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