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The Windmill Massacre (2016) by mermaidheather
I'm a little late getting this review up. I watched The Windmill Massacre, known as just The Windmill since its release in the States, Sunday morning. I had a headache most of the day though, so I just wasn't really feeling all that great and ...
Pet (2016) by mermaidheather
Even though I haven't done many reviews this month, I was feeling out of it for a couple of weeks thanks to a cold, I'm excited about writing reviews again. I have tracked down some of the films that are on my "Best of 2016" list and I'm looking ...

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I believe he is referred to as "Creeper."
by Steve - 6 hours ago
Her name is Pamela Vorhees. She communicates with Jason by staying at camp and killing teenagers. Kept his corpse.
by Steve - 6 hours ago
It's fine, gave me a chuckle when I read it. :)
by mermaidheather - 10 hours ago
@Stranger :) :thumb-up: You got it right. My oh my you do know your horror movies. Watching the Japanese version made me scream. :ohmy:
by Marra M - 16 hours ago
Oh wow! Just posted a message asking for help to find this film and, lo and behold, someone else was looking for the same film. Been looking for this for about 30 years! Amazing. You are my ...
by Craig, UK - 1 day ago
Years ago (late 70s to early 80s) I watched a US ghost movie about a family haunted by their late daughter who comes back to haunt them. The brother is killed when he's climbing on the roof ...
by Guest - 1 day ago

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