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Nina Forever (2015) by mermaidheather
I started a review for Nina Forever over at my main blog at the end of last month but never got around to getting it finished. I had rented the film from Amazon so I could review it for here. At the time I rented it, I was trying to get ten ...
The Similars (2015) by mermaidheather
I could have gone to the theater this weekend, but I'm trying to save money at the moment. Looking at a concert ticket I would like to have, so no extra spending at the moment. Not that I was all that excited about seeing a horror movie with Tom ...
Children of the Corn by ZOMBIEDAWN

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by admin - 11 hours ago
That's it.:thumb-up:
by Jason - 18 hours ago
Apocalypse death cult, lol. If i remember right, they wanted the members to accept death first, then force others to join them.
by Nos - 1 day ago
A woman lets an old man stay as a guest in her house. Her son begins to suspect that the guy is a vampire because he sleeps all day. Another thing that convinces him is he gives the guy a ...
by Jason - 1 day ago

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