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The Trap (2015) by mermaidheather
Saturday at the film festival ended up being my longest day there. I had noticed the day before that they were nice enough to post which films would be playing in each screening room and the times they would screen. This was very helpful to me ...
Lead Me Astray (2015) by mermaidheather
I can't believe this year is almost over already. Less than a month to go and it will be a new year. I'm ready for it and I'm hoping it will be a better year than this has been. I'm almost half way done with my film festival reviews already. ...
The Power (2015) by mermaidheather
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I'm sure there are many other films each of you could recommend. Please do ;)
by jade - 21 hours ago
I've been trying to figure out what this one movie is for quite a while, strictly from one scene. I believe it was a horror/comedy type film, from the 80's, and the scene I remember is some ...
by Chunx - 2 hours ago
Hey it's been about 2 years and while I've seen some awesome movies trying to brute force it by using that letterboxed list I haven't come any closer and I checked the trailer for Boarding ...
by JakeAwesomeSnake2 - 1 day ago
I found. Jarhead 2: Field of Fire (2014).
by Sanji1993 - 2 days ago
sounds like the plot for the film mind ripper
by mark - 3 days ago
Thanks :)By the way, I checked out Blood Diner and mark is correct, a woman is cut in half from head to toe
by Vale - 3 days ago
It sounds interesting except a bit of an odd plot that two different groups randomly find out about some treasure and then go try to steal it...
by Vale - 3 days ago

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