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The Purge: Anarchy (2014) by mermaidheather
Sometimes a horror franchise will listen to the fans and give them what they must wanted out of a film in the form of a sequel. When The Purge came out last year, people loved the idea behind it, but hated the movie. Not everyone of course, I liked it well enough. James DeMonaco returns as the writer and director for The Purge: Anarchy, and he seems to have listened to what people wanted. Maybe ...
Last Kind Words (2012) by mermaidheather
Deliver Us From Evil (2014) by mermaidheather

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Did Freddy ever truly die in Freddy vs Jason vs ash or is he still alive because of the 2010 remake
by Freddykrueger - 1 day ago
by Freddykrueger - 1 day ago
Nightmare on elm street 3: Dream worriers
by Ericriv - 1 day ago
There's quite a few scarecrow movies - "Scarecrows" which was remade as "Husk", "Messengers 2", "Scarecrow", "Scarecrow Slayer" & "Scarecrow Gone Wild"... the only problem is, none of them ...
by Ray B. - 1 day ago
Pumpkinhead 2
by KickoBang - 1 day ago
i gorgot to mention tht there was a patinet in that hospital who said that he could see the futur but his parents didn't believe him and sent him to that hospital than he made he hang him ...
by zoubasenpai - 1 day ago
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