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The Canal (2014) by mermaidheather
It is that time of week again to do a review for here. I was thinking of watching the movie Maggie, since it is out now, but it isn't showing around here and I didn't feel like paying $8 to watch it on demand. My cable bill is high enough as it ...
Exists (2014) by mermaidheather
Wasn't sure if I would get this review in tonight. Been playing a game with a special event going on. I can get the top prize it looks like, so been throwing my attention at it. I did manage to get a movie in though between while giving the game a ...

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Trying to find a name of a horror or thriller movie. I think the movie is based in Russia and she stays in a house for the night and weird things keep happening. I think at one point there ...
by Guest - 32 minutes ago
Oh yeah, I remember they are dressed in scuba diving suits
by KevinEHV - 5 hours ago
Hey im trying to find a movie that starts with a Black high cabin truck chasing a boy through the desert, i remember a scene where they arrive to a place with that boy tied to the front of ...
by Need help finding movie. - 10 hours ago
I think it's Long Time Dead (2002)
by Vampiro - 21 hours ago
That's crazy. I even watch part of a trailer and was like this can't be it. But yes it is. Thanks so much:)
by AskerofQuestion - 1 day ago
I'm pretty sure its slither because splinter took place at gas station
by horrorfan - 2 days ago
I watched a film when I was younger, I seem to remember the name being something like Big Johnny. I seem to remember it being set in Paris (but it could be another big city like new york). ...
by Nep - 2 days ago
Hi everyone,As many of you have already noticed, some people see the site differently (specifically the top bar). This is a result of a change we are currently testing. If you see this ...
by admin - 2 days ago
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